Dramatic Wedding Centerpieces

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Wedding centerpieces can have a really dramatic feel due their color and complexity. You can achieve a very dramatic flower arrangement if you just choose the right colors and style for these centerpieces. These bouquets have to be done by a professional florist but you can also try and make them yourself if this is not your first time creating flower decorations. Some tutorials on how these bouquets are done can also give you tips and pointers. Just respect the indications and you will have a successful table ornament. Instead of flowers you can also incorporate twigs. They can be purchase from a wholesale store and you can use them on their own to accentuate this look or use them in combination with other elements.

Adding paper flowers on these twigs will give the centerpieces a more modern vibe. These twig arrangements are very tall and impressive in size , so you will need to find a proper container for this look. Make sure that you add beads in the containers so that the twigs are secured. You can also use candles to create this dramatic table look. Tall candles can be quite impressive especially if you decide to choose an unusual color mixture. Black and red candles might not seem appropriate for a wedding, but if your theme is a Halloween concept, then it’s perfect. Your decorations have to be dramatic in order to reflect this concept. So you can easily decide to use these dark color combinations and styles.

Dramatic Wedding Centerpieces

Dramatic Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by: Susan Southerland)

Pumpkins can be added on the tables and you can fill them up with unique looking candles. For a summer theme, fruits are your best option. They can be carved in lots of ways. Watermelons and coconuts can be used for a tropical theme and more. You can ask a professional to carve the fruits and to make them as dramatic as you want. These fruits sculptures are a very modern approach and you can create lots of fun decorations with them.  Remember that your theme should be your main influence and your centerpieces should reflect the concept you’ve started with. Have this in mind when choosing to add a dramatic note to your table decorations.


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