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Wearing your hair down at your wedding means that you want something casual. Just because its casual it doesn’t mean that its not lovely. Each bride has a different way of wearing their hair and makeup. Having different styles gives each bride an original look. So if you would like to wear your hair down there are lots of choices. You can curl the hair or you can straighten it. For a tropical concept wavy hair would be a suitable choice. You can pin the hair on one side or you can wear all kind of hair jewelry and pieces that will give it a more embellished look. Maybe a tiara or ma headband. These headbands can have gems and sparkly decorations on the.

For instance if you love butterflies and even your wedding theme is based on this concept try and find a butterfly inspired headband. If you used certain flowers for your wedding reception you could use the same flowers in your hair. Maybe an orchid or a headband made out of silk orchids. This is suitable for any outdoor. Summer or beach theme concept that you might have in mind.

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Also if you think there is no need to recur to a hairstylist and if you want to do your own hair, make sure that you have quality products. Because even though you are wearing your hair down you still have to use hair products such as hairspray, gel, some shinnying serum and so on. You have to give your hair a shinny glow and make it look special even if you don’t have a fancy hairdo.

139446 down wedding hair Down Wedding Hair

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You can get inspire from hair tutorials or look through some magazines. You will be able to find all kind of jewelry stores that sell bridal hair accessories such as hats, pins, and so on. Try and embellish your look with a simple pearl pin or a peal headband. Accessories tend to glam up any look. And you need to look your best when saying “I do” to the man you love.                    



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