Dolphin Wedding Rings

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Wedding rings have gathered in time a lot of symbolic figures which appeared in the creation of jewelers design. Couples prefer to choose some of the most special wedding bands in an attempt to convey their wedding ceremony the importance that a future life as a married couple has. Therefore the symbols are very relevant throughout their wedding and their life. As it is the case with the dolphin wedding rings.

In the Celtic art we meet the dolphin as a representation of a new start in a new life. Dolphins live in water and due to this fact they are associated with the power of water that can wash away all the past and begin a present which is new and rejuvenating. Next to this symbol, dolphins were also viewed as marks of prosperity and guidance. Everybody knows that these creatures are very playful and because of their freedom of moves they symbolize the hope that some day a life will start bearing the lifestyle of freedom.

dolphin-wedding-ringsIt is common knowledge that dolphins are intelligent animals and this feature brings them closer to the human condition, thus many of us having the feeling that dolphins through their existence connect mankind to the world of waters. Plenty of people that suffer from depression have preferred as a way of therapy to watch dolphins for hours and get charged by their energy and happiness.

Chinese have the yin-yang philosophy and the representation of two dolphins together carries the meaning of total harmony that should exist in our life. Considering the overall image of the dolphins we can see them as being the symbol of freedom, dignity, playfulness, grace, strength and joy.

Due to these range of symbols, wedding couples choose their wedding rings in respect to this creatures. The dolphin wedding rings match the event of a wedding which is closely connected to what the life of a married couple should stand for. In the jewelers collections there are a lot of dolphin rings available. Whatever you select as a wedding couple, you have to be sure that everything represents your beliefs, personality and good hopes on what the future will bring to you.

When couples decide for wedding rings that carry a symbol, they must do researches in this matter, and after that to take the decision. There are so many other aspects to be considered, such as material of the wedding band, be it gold, silver or platinum, design where dolphins can appear in combination with precious stones, or in different positions to symbolize harmony of a bond.

Compared to engagement rings, the wedding rings with dolphin should carry the meaning of a flowing rhythm made by their way of swimming through the waves, a flow that renders liberty of moving peacefully and gracefully through the problems of life. Couples wearing these wedding rings should be aware of the fact that dolphin really makes a difference and assures the uniqueness of a wedding band.11

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