Dog Wedding Cake Topper

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I am surely not against marriage and I will never be, because I have quite a few happy cases around me that they can confirm to me that it is a wonderful experiment. It is important that the those two to know how to respect and love each other.

Many wedding cakes have small figurines representing the bride and groom as a topper. Nowadays it is easily accessible and relatively inexpensive to have crafted figurines that actually look like you and your groom. You can choose to decorate the wedding cake with a special symbol for you. For example if you have a dog as a pet at home and you really love him very much, you can use with success a dog topper for your wedding cake.

I always thought “Popular Proverbs” contain a great hidden wisdom, for example, saying that “dog is man’s best friend” we find that it refers not only to the concrete fact that the quadruped serves us as a guardian, as pet as,as a shepherd at work in the field or as a animal for traction the sleds, as a mascot or as a guide for blind a person, etc.. but also in depth, refers to an aspect related to the foundation of the integral development of human being .

When you think of ornaments for the wedding, the decorations for the wedding cake should not be forgotten. Can you think at cheap toppers for the wedding cake top unless you’re very good with money. But no matter how big or small your wedding will be, you can choose to have a wedding cake with the flavor of milk and coffee – the charm of the square shapes wrapped in a fine coffee with milk cream and decorated with leaves and berries in bright colors for a royal senses.

People and dogs have crossed paths from now more than 10,000 years … Dogs are truly man’s best friend, being the symbol of loyalty, vigilance and courage. Fidelity is probably the first virtue of the dog, and the ancient Egyptians and Greeks believed that he follows his master in the afterlife. Dog (Sirius) was sacred to the messenger god, Hermes and Artemis, goddess of hunting, being a companion to Hecate, goddess Rascruci and Orion.

So, with all those good things that are known about dogs in general,from everyone who has a dog or not,your guests will sure understand you and your groom if you will have a dog topper for the wedding cake.

I’ll give you just one example to see the real importance of a dog in a family. For centuries, the poodle was one of the most popular breeds in the world and a symbol of elegance and opulent luxury. The poodle is associated with France, but many countries have requested the rights to breed membership. The poodle is a pleasant dog that loves to be accompanied. He hates to be alone and prefers human company than the company of other dogs. The breed also hates to be ignored and does not like to be considered or treated as “just a dog”.

Despite the fact that they are excellent dogs “for water”, poodles, may also be family companions and protectors as good. They are excellent pets for children and for adolescents and can adapt to different living environments. Nowadays, the dog is a beloved companion and a friend of the owner. Loyalty, fidelity and affection are just some of the qualities for which a dog is appreciated and it will be for sure a great topper on your wedding cake.11

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