Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations | May 10 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

A great way to save on wedding expenses is to make your own  wedding invitations. All you need is a little time, a printer, and a  lot of imagination. Furthermore, the greatest advantage is that you  manage to create exactly what you desire. It is most disappointing to see the anguish and panic that ensues when  couples realize that their inexpensive invitation has turned into a  nightmare, so be careful because designing your DIY wedding invitations is not as easy as it seems.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Printer
  • Printing paper
  • Scissors
  • Vellum paper
  • Handmade  paper
  • Hole punch
  • 3/4-inch-wide satin ribbon
  • Ruler

    Now let us take it step by step.

    First things first. You will have to decide on the wording of the  invitation. Whether you choose to go on the traditional or the modern  way, the keywords of the invitations are the names of the bride and the  groom, the date and time of the wedding and the location of the  ceremony. You can include the wording into an announcement by using a  processing program, that will save it in an invitation format.

    The second step is the page layout. Print the wording onto both parts  of the paper, in landscape style. Then, cut the invitation in  the size you desire, and afterwards cut the vellum layer and the  handmade paper sheets.

    Afterwards, by using a standard hole punch, make two holes in the top  of each layer. Center  the holes symmetric from each other, in order to  give the furthercoming ribbons a nice look.

    Then cut the satin ribbons into equal lengths, so you can bound them  on the invitations. Print then the handmade paper layer on the bottom,  and the invitation layer on the top of the handmade paper. Allign the  three layers of paper together so the holes look perfectly lined up.

    The next step is to push the ribbon through the holes from the upper-  to the underside of the papers. Afterwards push it up again on the  other side of the paper and resemble it stylish at the top of the invitation. Adjust the ribbon, so that it holds all the papers perfectly together.

    Anyhow, when creating the do it yourself wedding invitations , it is up to you  how complex you want them to look at the end of your work. But keep in  mind, that less, is more. A simple, stylish card is as sophisticated,  and even better-looking than an overcrowded, too coloured,  extra-glittering invitation. Do not be afraid of going online, in  searching for tips and templates. By combining all the information found  on the internet, you can manage to create an unique, outstanding  invitation.

    Always keep in mind, that the invitations are the messengers of that  what should be expected from your ceremony. Do not go for traditional  invitations for example, if your wedding wants to be something more  extravagant, and do not choose funky style for a small, intimate event. If you are committed to doing it yourself, following these tips will not  lead you too far astray. Again, there is more than meets the eye in  crafting a wedding invitation and you are well advised to consult a stationer in your neighborhood  for expert advice.11

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