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The wedding planning industry has reached such a high position nowadays because many people have worked with passion and dedication. They plan everything to the smallest detail in order for the brides who seek their help to glow and feel like princesses. Hiring a wedding planner is no longer a luxury but something necessary for the stressed, inexperienced brides. As a wedding planner your job is to be calm, very organized and always alert. Also, a wedding planner must always be in good terms with the vendors, or the other wedding participants.
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Let’s take the example of the disc jokey. The wedding planner must hire a DJ, based on his professional experience and why not, a short demonstration. Recommendations are also welcomed, but personally, if I  had the chance, I would rather listen to his performance live before making a decision.

Basically, a DJ is one of the important persons in the wedding schedule, because he or she is responsible with the wedding atmosphere. The DJ’s job is not only to have a large playlist, but also to entertain the people present to the wedding. And you have to consider that at a wedding, there are people belonging to all kind of age categories and therefore the music and entertainment should be according to their wishes. As a wedding planner you need to discuss with the DJ you are hiring  all the details and cover all the aspects that may go wrong. You need to be assured that the DJ has all types of  music genders and especially the ones that the happy couple love.

After these details have been discussed, you need to establish the song for every moment of the wedding. We will start with the music for the first dance as a newly wedded couple. Here you can choose between songs like “Hero”-Enrique Iglesias, “You Are So Beautiful”- Joe Cocker, “Wonderful Tonight”- Eric Clapton, “Baby, I Love You “- Jennifer Lopez or “My Baby You”-Marc Anthony. Then, for the mother and son dance you can have “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong, “You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings”- Beth Middler or “The Prayer,” a song by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. For the fathers who want to have a first dance with their daughters as married women, we recommend “Father Figure”- George Michael, “Unforgettable” -Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole or “Sweet Child of Mine” by Cheryl Crow.

And because cutting the cake is also an important moment of the wedding, we must also have some songs prepared too. “Forever and For Always”- Shania Twain, “The Sweetest Thing” – U2 or “Cuts Like a Knife”- Bryan Adams. For the moment that all the ladies have been waiting, tossing the bouquet, you can choose “Can’t Hold Us Down”- Christina Aguilera, “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”- Cindy Lauper or “I Feel Like a Woman”- Shania Twain. The last dance of the wedding should represent the perfect way to finish a beautiful night. Here you can choose between “Last Dance”-Frank Sinatra, “My Heart Will Go On”- Celine Dion or “You’re My Angel” by Aerosmith.

After all, the most important thing is for the happy couple to feel good and enjoy their special wedding day.11

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