Discount Wedding Cakes

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When you have a tight budget for your wedding, every dollar is important. Your wedding is the most expensive event in your life. Some people save for years for this event, or they borrow money to make their dream wedding came true. If you can't afford to spend too much, you will be calculating every small detail and you will be watching discounts with ''eagle eyes''.

You can find wedding invitations at discount prices, discount wedding dress, discount bridal shoes, discount wedding flowers and decorations. The wedding cake is an important element at your wedding and can cost more then you think. A custom made wedding cake with sophisticate design can cost $ 1000. That is even more than the wedding dress. There are many elements you should consider when you choose your wedding cake. If you don't want to spend too much then choose a classical wedding cake. Every custom made detail will cost you extra.

All bakeries have a list of their standard wedding cakes. If you choose a different flavor, filling, color, shape, decoration will cost you more. Some bakeries don't offer decorations included into the cake price, so you will pay extra for every single decoration you choose. Custom made decorations are more expensive, gum paste and fondant decorations especially. You can ask them not to decorate your wedding cake and you can decorate it yourself with real flowers, with satin ribbons or with everything else you want. This way you will pay less.

Another important aspect is the shape of the cake, the traditional round wedding cake is less expensive, if you want square, oval, or any other shape that will cost you more. The number of the layers have significance in the total price of the cake. The cost is calculated per serving, choose the number of the layers according to how many guests you will have at your reception.

 Discount Wedding Cakes (Source:

Discount Wedding Cakes (Source:

The type of the frosting will also influence the total price of the cake. Usually buttercream is more expensive than fondant frosting. Some people consider that fondant is not as tasty as buttercream.

 Discount Wedding Cakes (Source:

Discount Wedding Cakes (Source:

Choose a bakery that offers discounts, free consultation and free delivery.

Some bakeries offer special prices if you order from them other sweets along with your wedding cakes. Some bakeries offer discounts at wedding cake toppers and ornaments. There are many ideas you can use to have a cheap but still delicious and good looking cake on your wedding day.


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