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Sometimes, as bridesmaid, it’s harder to find a perfect gown than being the bride and when finally you find something right on your type, the price of it makes you believe that you’ll be the bride. Depending on wedding (the wedding’s budget), the design of bridesmaid gowns can be chose by the spouses-to-be according to wedding’s theme and also according to the bridal dress. Lots of designs for bridesmaid gowns can also be worn at other events like occasional dresses. There are some things you must cater for when choosing the design for bridesmaid gown and this article includes some of the most important things and I’ll start with the season.
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Options for seasons dress: The first thing a bride must cater for when advising the bridesmaid to choose her gown it’s the comfort. An outdoor wedding requires an easy vaporous material like chiffon. Other easy materials for weddings in summer time are:
– santung,
– creppe.

If you planned your wedding day in February, I worn you that it will be quite cold    and also it might snow. That’s the reason for why a wedding in February requires a design of bridesmaid gown more complicated and necessary serious but comfortable materials like heavy satin. Other heavy materials for weddings in winter time are:
– Velveteen,

The length of the bridesmaid dress: Other very important element you should cater for when choosing your gown it’s the length. A very long dress like the tea tree length or on the contrary a short gown for bridesmaid can look very charming for an outdoor wedding, in the garden. But, talking about the same dresses, I warn you that can be some inapposite options for a wedding in Christmas time or for a formal wedding in buckram manner.
And now, I’d like to continue talking about designs for bridesmaid gowns correlating my topic with some very in trend weddings: casual or informal weddings. You can choose unspectacular gowns for bridesmaid for a nuptial informal ceremony or for a casual wedding.
-Design for unspectacular bridesmaid gowns: Choosing informal gowns for bridesmaids’ means that girls will wear this dress with other occasions too. While formal gowns for bridesmaids are super long and very opulent, those unspectacular can have different cuts of hem line and sometimes their design can include also a print.
-The hem lines: The hem lines of an informal gown can have almost any length. After catering for some things like seasons, you can choose almost any style of hem line you’d like. For example, an informal bridesmaid gown can have the hem line designed with fringes or with lace.

The asymmetric hem lines like handkerchief or those in diagonally are other popular options for design of bridesmaid gowns.11

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