Delsa Sposa Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | April 21 2011 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

We found a few romantic wedding dresses designed by the wonderful Delsa Sposa designer for an old 2009 bridal collection that we sincerely recommend to all modern brides who want to wear something high class, sumptuous and romantic on the big day. Delsa is one of the many ingenious and famous designers who create fabulously exclusive and unique dresses for brides and for evening receptions or special occasions.


We can see the love and passion of this designer for creating fashionable and original dress masterpieces that can fit both the classic and the contemporary brides in the exquisite cuts, refined lines, sensual and feminine silhouettes of these superb Delsa Sposa wedding dresses.

We find this couturier’s creations very elegant, appealing, seductive and dream-like and this is why we recommend these precious designs especially to those of you who are planning a modern fairy-tale wedding ceremony or reception.

In this wonderful 2009 bridal collection we have the chance to explore though various types of white and colorful designs that can fit both the young and the mature brides, as well as both the traditional and the modern brides. We love the colorful silhouettes, especially the pale pink and blue designs that look extremely adorable and feminine. They can fit perfectly the younger brides who always dreamed of wearing a romantic ample wedding dress that can complement the fairy-tale wedding they’re planning.

These precious Delsa Sposa wedding dresses accented with colors can be very flattering for the brides who are planning a princess modern look. We like the tiered and pick up skirts, the flower appliqués, the artistic and sensual neckline and the sublime details used for the adornment of these gowns.

The good news is that this unique collection contains not only full skirt or ball gown silhouettes, but also empire, sheath and mermaid cut designs that also look sophisticated and glamorous although the lines are simpler and cleaner.

Even the lucky destination brides who are planning a luxurious wedding on a beach, island, coast or desert can find something appropriate and sensual to wear, such as an empire waist one shoulder Grecian inspired design like the ones you can admire in the last picture on this page.

The casual and simpler Delsa Sposa wedding dresses can make fabulous attire selections for informal outdoors weddings or for reception parties. We are looking forward to hear your opinions and thoughts regarding these enchanting and ravishing pieces we’ve posted here.11


  1. Chanty

    April 23, 2011 at 4:20 pm

    i don’t know how this designer manages to be so unique and original in this industry, but I think she does it with great success. I believe these dresses to be unique, feminine, romantic, flowing. I live the flows of the dresses flows that come either from the line or from the fabrics used or from both. I simply can’t take my eyes off of them and I am looking at each dress with amazement, trying to figure out which one I like more. And after several minutes of looking at them, I think the one that would be the most fit for me, for my wedding, is the third one from top. It is exactly a wedding dress should be like.


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