Decorating wedding cakes with roses

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When you decorate your wedding cake you want everything to be perfect and you want to have a unique cake. So be careful what decorations you use. Also you have to be careful that you have a simple and tasteful cake. Make sure that every detail matches your theme: colors, floral arrangements and so on. For example when you choose your wedding decorations you have so many options. First of all you have to choose your decorations based on your wedding theme. There are some decorations that are very popular among couples and that fit many themes. These are: flowers, butterflies, hearts, birds, ribbons, angels and so on. They are popular because they make great wedding cake decorations.

If you decide to decorate your wedding cake with flowers you have so many options. You can choose some lovely spring flowers like narcissus or lilacs or for a summer wedding zinnia looks lovely. Autumn flowers like chrysanthemum or camellias for a winter theme are just fabulous. There are flowers that you can use at any theme and in every season: the roses. Red, white, yellow, pink or orange roses are splendid. You can use them to decorate your whole wedding and also to decorate your wedding cake.

Here are some ideas if you try decorating your wedding cake with roses. Another special idea is a five tier wedding cake decorated with red cascading roses. This cake is just perfect for a big wedding with a Valentine’s Day theme. Roses aren’t romantic only on a Valentine’s Day theme but on other themes.

If you decide for a spring wedding, roses are the right choice for you. Choose the white and the pink ones because they fit better with the idea of spring. For example a four tier white cake decorated with pink cascading roses it is a magical idea you can try. Another lovely idea is a white fondant cake decorated with small bouquets of white and pink roses. Add these bouquets on every tier and you can also add a pink ribbon for a more elegant aspect.

Winter is another theme where roses are great. Try to use more of the white and red combination if you decide to try some fresh roses. If you want artificial roses blue and silver ones look exquisite and match perfectly with the Christmas atmosphere. White chocolate roses taste great and you can try them!

A summer wedding cake with fresh roses is a fantastic idea. But try some yellow and strong pink ones because they are more colorful and they represent summer better. If you want a refreshing wedding cake you can also try frosting roses. They look amazing and the effect is really striking!

If you try to decorate your wedding cake with roses you can also try sugar- paste roses, marzipan, chocolate or fondant roses because they look fascinating.

Five magnificent wedding cakes decorated with roses:
– Try a three tier white wedding cake decorated white pink fondant roses and white chocolate narcissus flowers. Add brown ribbons on every tier. The effect is magnificent and you will surely love it!
– For a small ceremony a simple two tier wedding cake with a red rose bouquet as a cake topper is a wonderful idea. You can also add a black ribbon and it will look very elegant.
– A five tier white cream cake decorated with white chocolate flowers and stars is lovely. Add two bouquets of orange roses on the third and fourth tier and two roses on the first tier. This way it will look simpler. As a cake topper use a frosting bride and groom dancing figurine.

– Here is a really exquisite wedding cake: a five tier white cream wedding cake decorated with purple fondant roses and flowers. Add two purple fondant ribbons on the first tier because it looks spectacular. Also you can add white pearls on every tier because it looks elegant.

Decorating wedding cakes with roses is a magical idea you can definitely try and this decoration will really jazz up your cake. Try what colors you want: red, pink, blue, purple. They look divine fresh but also artificial. Cascading, petals or small bouquets are some options but be creative and decorate your cake in a unique way!11

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