Decorating Ideas For Wedding Receptions

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Summer is the most popular time for weddings. However, this does not mean that you have to be limited only by traditional themes and solutions. We bring you the hottest trends in terms of decorating ideas for wedding receptions organized in summer.  

Vibrant colors

Bright hues are popular for summer weddings decoration. But we strongly recommend that you do not try to use immediately all colors. Otherwise, as a result you might transform your idyllic wedding into a circus tent. You are advised to give preference to sophisticated and more restrained shades of bright colors. Try to limit to two colors and additional accent colors that will allow you to achieve the aesthetic integrity of the festive space. The perfect solution may be monochrome composition with pink or bright orange tablecloths.

 Decorating Ideas For Wedding Receptions (Source:

Decorating Ideas For Wedding Receptions (Source:

New themes

Beach and garden themes are the most common solutions for a summer wedding. However, even if you opted for a traditional theme, your wedding does not have to be boring and predictable. To avoid this, you only need to create your own, personalized version of the usual motif. If your favorite place was a small cottage in the woods, you can always opt for a mountain or a forest theme. Another idea is to hint the direction of your honeymoon. For example, if you arrange a garden wedding reception, but your honeymoon is planned for Hawaii, just add orchids to your wedding bouquets.

Natural arrangements

Carved fruits and fruit sculptures are favored for the composition of the central pieces. However, there are other alternatives – much more unexpected and more attractive from an aesthetic point of view. Do you like fruit, but you dream of something new and original? Ask your florist to use these decorating ideas for wedding receptions to create an original, fun and ‘seasonal’ image. Another alternative is give preference to natural, environmentally friendly solutions. Use vases made of wood and they will give you a natural look.

 Decorating Ideas For Wedding Receptions (Source:

Decorating Ideas For Wedding Receptions (Source:


Classic summer gifts, such as flip-flops and mini-thermos for beverages can certainly please the guests. But lately, the ‘green trend’ continues to gain momentum! Eco-friendly gifts are still at the peak of popularity. This choice seems particularly logical if you organize a wedding in the open air and use the gifts of nature as your natural scenery. Among the possible gifts you can offer aromatic herbs planted in glass jars or recycled cans. It is enough to decorate them with ribbons or paper in the colors of the wedding theme. If you are smart you can also use them as wedding decorations (and thus you will not cause any harm to the planet). In the same note you can offer packages with flower seeds as they symbolize rebirth and love for nature.


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