Decorating Ideas For Wedding Reception Halls

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If you love flowers, but you want something different for your wedding day, feather decorations may prove to be a great alternative.

Colored and diaphanous, the feathers will not only add extra style for the restaurant, but will create a pleasant and intimate atmosphere. Here is how you can use these decorating ideas for wedding reception halls.

Ostrich feathers arrangements

The ostrich feathers are among the most intensely used feathers in terms of decorations for events. You can use them in different sizes, the biggest ones being appropriate for creating unique central pieces for guests’ tables. These feathers can also be found in various colors, so you can match them with your wedding style: white, pink, red, purple, blue, black or whatever color you may choose. Their diaphanous look will enchant every guest and they will feel like they entered a magic land.

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 Decorating Ideas For Wedding Reception Halls (Source:

Decorating Ideas For Wedding Reception Halls (Source:

 Peacock feathers arrangements

These feathers have a lot of colors and a slightly vintage air. Very beautifully colored, the peacock feathers can be used for table arrangements, as decorating ideas for wedding reception halls, inserted in the bridal bouquet or even in the bride’s hair for a vintage look. The colors are absolutely magnificent: vibrant green, brilliant blue, purple and the eye specific for this kind of feathers is absolutely hypnotizing. If you decide to these arrangements, then you will feel like a fairy queen, because the peacock is often associated with magic and beauty.

 Decorating Ideas For Wedding Reception Halls (Source:

Decorating Ideas For Wedding Reception Halls (Source:

Pheasant feathers arrangements

 If you want to have a rustic wedding with a traditional menu, music bands, wooden chairs and tables, then you could opt for decorations that include pheasant feathers. With sizes between 15 and 25 cm, these feathers can be used in wedding décor arrangements in combination with wild flowers and seasonal fruits. Imagine central pieces designed with the elements mentioned above and you will be fascinated by their rustic charm.



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