Dark Colored Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | April 09 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

The prejudice of wearing a traditional white wedding dress on the special wedding day is still wondering around many mature brides who don’t have the courage of trying something more exciting, provocative and different as a dark colored wedding dress. But modern times is kind of “forcing” us to adopt a more distinctive and unusual color for wedding dress such as any black, burgundy, navy, gray, purple, red, dark pink, green, brown or any other dark shade that looks good on a wedding dress.

Contrary to all the preconceptions about black wedding dresses, many contemporary wedding dress designers who create them and many brides who choose them to wear on the wedding day think that this color gives a more sophisticated, sexy, feminine, enchanting, sleek, chic and elegant look to the wedding atmosphere.

Dark colored wedding dresses are pretty trendy these days and women seem to love them for any type of wedding, but especially for those that take place in the evening. Because of the fact that brides buy a fluffy, full-length, lavish or layered dress for the wedding they won’t be able to wear it again, for another party or similar event.

This is a big advantage of buying a dark colored wedding dress, namely that brides could benefit of the fact that these dresses can be worn after the wedding in any other different and special occasion. Therefore it would be a pretty inspired choice to go with a dark colored wedding dress.

Although the majority of the brides-to-be are still captivated by the white or ivory wedding dress choice at first, at a second look they are turning their heads to a dark colored wedding dress too, at least for curiosity. This is how so many brides came to buy and wear a dark colored wedding dress to a non-conventional or semi-informal wedding.

Destination weddings or simple, casual and informal weddings are at rage these years and that is the main reason why so many brides are planning on wearing a more exotic, colored, unusual, unique, chic and stylish wedding dress on the big day.

Dark colored wedding dresses are often associated with the gothic current or metallic influences in art, culture and music. Brides who are fans of these original tends are usually pinking a dark colored wedding dress to complement a gothic wedding theme, or to make a statement by wearing something unusual, sexy, charming, magnificent and delicate in the same time as a dark colored wedding dress.

Brides who decide to buy a dark colored wedding dress must be careful and arrange the whole wedding around this theme, otherwise their appearance might just seem too exaggerated, pretentious, sober or perhaps even morbid. That is why you need to make sure that you find the matching decorative elements for the wedding décor. Use complementary or contrasting shades like white, pink, blue or red to create a more stunning, elegant and equilibrate appearance.11

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  1. adrienn

    March 23, 2011 at 1:10 pm

    Although the colored wedding dresses can be worn on different other occasions and that would be great from the point of view of the budget, I think that too dark colors are not quite appropriate. Black is out of discussion. I want to buy such a dress, though because I find it fit and matching my theme and the fact that I am having a night-time wedding. But I wish I had seen more dresses here. Anyway, I would go for the first one, but i would add a lighter color as well. Or at least I would make that white whiter. Anyways, it’s a very beautiful dress, very nice design and line, I love how it is photographed so you can see all the details and I find it quite inspiring.


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