Damp Lips

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Based on the trends confirmed by designers every season, in the same way the lip makeup is dictated by the trendsetters. So, in a season the “must-have” was the mate lips, in another one dark lips, sparkly lips, or damp lips. This last trend turned to be a success among all women, thanks to the special aspect they offer.
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We can have this damp lips effect by using the proper lip products chosen from a large range of special products released on market created with the main purpose to give to your lips a “wet” aspect, which is considered very sexy, especially by men.

In this way, cosmetic specialists thought at this when they modified the composition of the lipsticks, so they stay longer on lips and to keep longer that shiny and glossy aspect which they had at the beginning.


Women prefer this kind of lipstick because this effect changes their entire aspect and creates the image of a self-confident woman and these sexy lips are considered very attractive by most of the men.

If we don’t have such a special lip product that sometimes may be a little bit expensive for one of us, women are so inventive that they discovered quick an alternative to it, with almost the same effect. They use first time a normal hydrating lipstick and then use a transparent lip gloss, in order to both create that wet effect we all want.


Damp lips always give a fresh aspect to the person who has them, because they say pretty lips can change one person’s image and can contribute to a warm personality. Especially men consider that a woman with full, shiny and healthy lips is more attractive, thanks to a beautiful color of the lipstick or thanks to the “wet” effect than the light reflected on the lips create.

It is also a great opportunity for the girls who want bigger lips, because the “wet” effect create the illusion of an augmentation effect, so that your lips will look fuller and so, much sexier.

Even if it is very attractive, this effect is not only visible, but it can also be…felt, because usually, if we touch something with the lips, the trace can be a little bit sticky, but this is not a problem for men, which are not disturbed by the “double wet” sensation. On the contrary, if the gloss it is flavored too, the delight is double.

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That’s why, very often, this kind of lipsticks and lips glosses are combined with different fruity flavors, so that the woman who wears them to start her day in a happy and tasty way, by mean of these lip products. And because every woman should feel herself in this way, everyone should have at least one of these products in her purse.11

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