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When it comes to wedding invitations there is such a thing as trying to hard.If you want to keep it cute but in the same time tasteful there are some guidelines to follow: The announcement – You set the date on which your souls and your hearts will be united?


The whole world must know your happiness!
How to make your wedding invitations?
What are conventions?
How do you organize?
Here are some tips?

The words to say – The announcement serves to provide essential information on D-Day He mentions the name of spouse, place, date and time of the religious ceremony. Generally, only the religious ceremony is included. Before racking your brains to find the phrase ad, choose your template already to share. Then you write the text to fit the available space.

Traditionally, the announcement is made of 4 pages. Generally, these are the grandparents and parents of the bride and groom to announce the marriage of their children and grandchildren.However, it happens more often than are the married themselves announce their marriage.Some will also do 2 sets of announcements: a series of “classic” dedicated to parents and guests, parents, and a more playful reserved for married and their guests.

Conventions – The order of the announcement is generally as follows: maternal grandparents, paternal grandparents and parents. And this, as follows: Mr. and Mrs. followed by the name of Mr (ex: Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Bessiere). If the parents of the bride and groom are divorced, each parent announces the marriage without mentioning the name of any new spouse, the divorced mother of the groom or the bride can then use her maiden name if it is not remarried.

Similarly, a widow was named after her husband (eg, Mrs. Paul Legrand). If applicable, also must be printed: the titles and decorations of married parents and the name of the priest who celebrates Mass (if a friend or relative of the family).

The invitation card – If a reception or a reception is planned after the ceremony, an invitation card is attached to the announcement. It fits generally within the announcement. Several invitations may be necessary if the people invited to the wine of honor and receiving are not the same.

Similarly, you will be able to print a new set of invitations only guests for the evening, and will not be invited to dinner.Note that you can mention the cocktail on the announcement if the whole congregation is invited. But avoid overloading the announcement too. Remember also the words “desired response before May 15, 2004” for example to include the announcement or invitation cards to best prepare your festivities with your caterer or restaurant. Very convenient for guests, access map and list of nearby hotels can be included on the back of the invitation card.

Establish a list of guests at the ceremony, the wine of honor and reception is often a very laborious task. Please submit your list to your surroundings to avoid any unfortunate oversight?One announcement is sent by family and friends. The announcement of the wedding is in about two months earlier ceremony. If your wedding takes place in July or August, you can expect to send your invitations a little more in advance so your guests can better plan their vacation and their coming to your wedding.

Before placing your order to the printer, carefully reread your text. The current trend is to make original hand-printed in color. A tip: do not forget to also print thank you cards that are indispensable when you want to thank your guests for all their gifts after your marriage.

A new trend very chic and refined see more and more day with the photo thank you cards, which are notecards embellished picture of married and leaves a very nice souvenir for your guests. Regarding the bill, it is traditionally the family of the bride to choose and pay for the announcement. Do not hesitate to discover our exclusive range of custom and make wedding invitations sent home within 48 hours from 69 euros 25 announcements included: announcement + + printing envelopes Prestige text of your choice.11

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