Cushion Cut Diamond Wedding Rings

Wedding Party | February 26 2011 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

For brides who prefer something more original, distinctive and sensual for their wedding ring the cushion cut diamonds could make the most attractive and adequate types of stone cuts or shapes. It’s very important to select the best type of stone cut or shape when you’re buying the wedding ring because each type of shape is different, unique and flattering in its own way. Besides this, one should always pick only the types of jewels that can better fit her personality and the type of lifestyle she’s living.

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Compared to other types of diamond cuts that are more popular – such as the round, the princess or the emerald cut, the cushion cut diamonds are definitely more unique and trendy although they are usually seen more often incorporated in vintage style wedding rings. Cushion cut diamond wedding rings were very popular back in the old days and now it seems that they are back in trend, and this time for good! Any bride can find her dream wedding ring among the cushion cut diamond rings available today because these styles can be found in both vintage and modern designs. We think that these types of rings can male a more sophisticated, glamorous and original alternative to the plainer or standard designs that are available out there and that can be seen worn by the majority of brides today.

We’re not trying to say that the other types of diamond rings are not fashionable anymore or attractive to modern brides. We’re just here to present you more alternative styles that can look relatively more unique, different and appealing on your finger because they are either less popular than other styles or a bit more modern or contemporary. We are glad to see that more and more antique styles are brought back into the modern world of wedding rings and revitalized or updated in order to fit and flatter the preferences and expectations of the brides today.

We think that due to the soft, imposing and romantic shape featured by the cushion cut diamond stones, these types of rings here can make more attractive and interesting selection for both brides and grooms who are interested in wearing something relatively more elegant, stylish, classy and refined but with a modern-vintage twist. With all the modern techniques and methods of working the metals and the fabulous vintage or antique inspirational styles that are available out there we think that designers of today are able to create marvelous cushion cut diamond wedding ring styles that can fit many brides, grooms and preferences.

However, we think that no matter how contemporary, upgraded or elevated the design of a cushion cut diamond wedding ring are, these types of rings will always look classy, fancy and more authentic because of the antique vibe and flair that the stone cut is gifted with. So perhaps those of you who are not into the vintage style at all will notice the vintage vibe of these rings and won’t find them adequate for their own wear.11

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