Cushion cut diamond wedding rings Washington Dc

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Whether you’re interested in wearing a more vintage looking wedding ring, whether you’re just looking for a more unconventional and one of a kind diamond wedding ring, a cushion cut diamond wedding ring might make an interesting selection for you.
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The romantic shape of the cushion cut can fit both the bride and the groom. There are many types of diamond cuts and/or shapes that the happy modern couple can choose from. But the final decision is now made according to the wedding ring budget that the couple is willing to spend, as well as it is based on their life style, n their personal preferences and daily activities, cloths or profession.

Why should you go plain, predictable and classic with a round diamond wedding ring when there are so many other interesting and remarkable shapes to choose for a diamond stone!

As we said before, this type of cut is able to resemble or recreate the old style of the by gone era, making the ring look more antique or vintage.

It seems that more and more wedding rings with diamonds are designed with an old fashion style, but created or made from modern metals, colors and settings in order to make the ring look simply timelessly romantic without actually being dated. This fact can only attract more and more followers among modern or traditional couples who are interested in wearing and owning something more precious, meaningful and authentic.

The cushion cut stone wedding rings were very popular a century ago (during the 1800s and 1900s) when this shape was actually recalled as the “pillow” shape. The good news is that cushion cut diamond wedding rings are coming back into daily fashion.

It seems that the antique flair is one of the most inspiring styles in creating or recreating all kinds of wedding articles or items. From vintage inspired wedding dresses to wedding bouquets and wedding cakes, this old style seems to rule our contemporary fashion world. We must admit though that no other modern piece of jewelry can look as amazingly romantic, elegant and coquette as a vintage piece.

There are designs, patterns, settings, colors and cuts or shapes that can’t be found in modern jewelry or wedding rings. When opting for a sensational cushion cut diamond wedding ring you should know how to pick the most suitable shape for the diamond.

There are cushion cuts where the shape is rectangular or square, where the corners are round. If you’re not quite attracted to those emerald cut diamond wedding rings or to the popular princess cut diamond wedding rings perhaps you would find this alternative to be more inspired for you.  For a Washington Dc wedding and not only, this type of ring can work out perfectly.11


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