Criss-cross spaghetti strap wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses | August 02 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

For brides who are planning a summer time beach wedding, a criss-cross spaghetti strap beach wedding dress can do wonders.

This design is perfect for hot outdoor weddings, because the spaghetti straps will help the bride breathe properly and feel more comfortable and cozy in the dress during the wedding. This type of dress can also be regarded as practical and modern, suitable in most part fro 2010 destination brides who are planning a simple, casual and unsophisticated wedding.

The dress can feature a shorter sexy length, if the bride feels confident with showing off her summer stems, or it can feature a full length, if the romantic sensual style is the bride’s favorite. In general, beach wedding dresses can be seen with this type of neckline.

But if you are planning a garden wedding, a park wedding or a nature wedding in general, don’t shy away from a criss-cross spaghetti strap wedding dress because it will make you look incredibly sexy, feminine, dainty, stylish and attractive. This type of wedding dress has its own followers and adequate body shapes.

That is why we recommend a criss-cross spaghetti strap summer wedding dress to all the brides who are heaving problems with emphasizing the bust line. Women with smaller chests or with an average bust should opt for this type of dress because it will make them look incredibly sexy.

On the other hand, this style is not totally suggested for full figure brides or for brides with narrow shoulders in general. But you won’t know it until you try it on! So before you dismiss this style, try it on and se whether it fits your body figure or not. The straps can be thinner or wider, depending on the preferences of each bride in part.

The criss-cross design can also be followed in the front of the dress also, and not only in the back, for a more sensual, eye-catching and provocative look. As long as the religious ceremony will take place on the beach or in a less rigorous and formal location, then you are free to expose as much skin you wish to. Just don’t go over the line, because this style is already sexy and revealing as it is. Opt for a simple and clean style, in order to emphasize only your natural beauty and your elegance.

Choose a silk criss-cross spaghetti strap wedding dress if the luxurious, glittering soft look is what you’re interested in, or opt for a chic cotton criss-cross spaghetti strap wedding dress if a more bohemian cozy natural feminine appearance is what you’re really looking for. The spaghetti straps can also be tied in straight lines, but they won’t look as unique, attractive and inspired as the cris- cross pattern.11

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  1. Janet

    January 06, 2011 at 8:53 am

    I’m looking for this type of dresses, with criss-cross straps, but I’ve seen no gown that would make me think it’s perfect. At least the second one from here inspires me more that the others. I like the straps. They are unique, they make the dress look decent. I like the fabric and the volume of the skirt while the black belt gives it an air of elegance and modernity. I think that what I like the most at these gown is that the straps come from the skirt. They are not sewn on the top hem of the corset, but they fluidly cover the body and naturally lose themselves in the skirt. I think this is why the dress is so elegant and chic.


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