Creative wedding rings

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More and more creative wedding ring designs, styles, patterns, themes, colors and settings are developing every year in order to suit as many couple’s tastes and visions as possible. No one should settle with a simple plain and boring wedding ring, especially not now when there are so many unpredictable, attractive and eye-catchy wedding ring styles available already on the market.
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Every bride and groom who are looking for a more outstanding and unconventional wedding ring should be creative and release their imagination in order to obtain a one of a kind creative wedding ring.

Those who decide to go with a custom made wedding ring or with a designer wedding ring should definitely play more artistic, more fun and more attractive. Women who love diamonds and wish to wear a diamond wedding ring can always try a bezel set eternity diamond creative wedding ring for a more brilliant, sparkling and glittering diamond look.

Another way to obtain a creative wedding ring from a simple wide plain band wedding ring is to add a metal inset into the ring. The textured wedding rings make a great choice for men who wish for something conventional and simple, but with a bit of a texture twist.

Contrasting metal inset textured creative wedding rings are in fashion today, especially those with a two-tone platinum and yellow gold metal inset. The offset stone wedding rings are another stunning choice for couples looking for a more sparkling and yet classy, elegant and more outstanding look.

This type of ring is perfect for both brides and grooms looking for a classic diamond wedding ring with a bit of a twist. Instead of going with a usual braided metal wedding ring, the happy couple can opt for an inlaid two-tone Celtic pattern creative wedding ring.

A colored wedding ring can also make a bride or a groom feel more unique and special. Adding a burst of color, more whimsical or more delicate, soft and subtle into the wedding ring is a great way to transform it into a more attractive and personalized jewelry piece.

Colorful inlay wedding rings made from tungsten or from titanium can be seen featuring all kinds of colors from red, green, pink and yellow to blue, brown or black. The Mokume Gane wedding rings are also popular among modern couples looking for creative wedding ring styles. This type of ring provides with a variety of metals blended into all kinds of fluid patterns.

A mokume gane wedding ring van feature different types of metals and colors, from gold and silver, to copper, bronze and steel. Another way to obtain a creative wedding ring look is to follow the antique vintage style. Edwardian wedding rings, Victorian wedding rings or Art Deco wedding rings are only a few examples of detailed creative wedding rings that belong to the antique era.

Other types of creative wedding ring styles include: chocolate wedding rings, enamel wedding rings, textured wedding rings, contrasting set wedding rings or non-metallic wedding rings.11

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