Cream Colored Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | May 25 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

For those of you who are afraid to wear something too modern, dynamic and vibrant for the wedding day can always opt for a cream colored wedding dress that doesn’t looks too traditional and old-fashioned or too trendy and bold.

Since so many contemporary women feel attracted to the idea of wearing a more casual, simple, light and natural touch wedding dress, a cream colored wedding dress can be the best choice for a 2010 bride. You should know that traditional white wedding dresses are not that fashionable these days anymore, as colored ones have become. It all depends on how much color you can bare for a bridal look and how much sophistication, modernism and extravagance you can incorporate into your wedding dress.

When it comes to a cream colored wedding dress things are casual, simple and clean. Not too old-fashioned and not too hot and trendy, not too formal and not too casual, not too natural and not too extravagant, not too bold an not too conventional, a cream colored wedding dress makes the perfect outfit for a romantic, sleek, dainty, stylish and feminine wedding day.

Cream is a color that stands for delicacy, femininity, innocence, refinement, elegance, gracefulness, sensitiveness, nobility, innovation, royalty or good taste. Considering all these beautiful symbols and features of the cream color, brides of today can easily put on a cream colored wedding dress and look incredibly chic, sensual, feminine and romantic. A cream colored wedding dress is great because it can be worn on a more informal wedding day.

It is a great alternative to a conventional white wedding dress. You can wear it on a destination wedding – beach, island, coast, cruise, mountain or anywhere else in a summer natural environment, such as a garden, a park, a back yard, a country side or a field. The simplicity of a cream colored wedding dress is the most important thing that attracts brides in wearing this style.

Simplicity is one of the newest features of modern elegance and that is why is so important to keep it light, simple and clean, natural, organic and unsophisticated. Opt for a tea length cream colored wedding dress for a vintage, antique or any other period themed wedding and obtain a glamorous, chic, creative, unique and fashionable look.

Adorn the dress with matching jewels and accessories such as sequins, lace appliqués, pearls and beadings, crystals, diamonds or rhinestones for a more exquisite, brilliant and shiny look. Winter weddings make also a perfect context and décor for a delicate, warm and romantic cream colored wedding dress. You can plan the whole wedding using a beautiful color scheme featuring a cream and gold, cream and chocolate brown, cream and eggplant, cream and maroon, cream and tomato red, cream and pink, cream and burgundy, cream and peachy or a cream and light blue palette.11

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  1. Mei

    February 26, 2011 at 7:38 am

    also believe that cream is the middle shade between modern and conventional and maybe this is why I like cream for a wedding dress so much. I also like it because it is warmer than bright white and it doesn’t have that glitter that tires the eyes. So it would be very comfortable to look at for a long period of time, especially in the sunshine. But I didn’t know exactly how to match cream so your article here helped me quite a lot. From the combination of color you provide I think I’ll go for burgundy and cream. I like that bold color and it is a great, pleasant contrast with cream. So…. thank you so much for this beautiful idea.


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