Cowboy Wedding Ideas

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Celebrating a wedding in a cowboy style is very appropriate for those born and raised in the US. Still, if some Europeans or Australians want to celebrate their wedding in this style, they should do whatever their hearts tell them to.

And the first idea that comes to mind when organizing a cowboy wedding is to purchase some cowboy outfits as well. And what is more representative to a cowboy than a hat and a pair of long boots made of leather?

Cowboy Wedding Ideas

Cowboy Wedding Ideas (Photo by: literari)

Let's take the hat, for starters. A cowboy hat could be $10, but also $100, if it is bought from a specialized store, and if the manufacturer is a renowned one. Giddy-up, take a horse are ride like a cowboy towards your wedding venue, wearing your cowboy hat and cowboy boots! Speaking of boots, a pair of cowgirl boots is around $100 and has high heels, no matter what. This is how a bride organizing her wedding in a cowboy style should impress her guests: by wearing a pair of long white boots, a short white wedding gown and a cowgirl hat. A pair of boots created for a real cowboy could be $100 too, but also much more; it should feature heels as well; obviously, in the case of these boots created for men, their heels have a height of just several millimeters, not several centimeters, like in the case of cowgirls’ boots.

Besides the bride and groom’s outfit, we can also mention the wedding invitations, that should feature a cowboy theme as well, inviting thus those who will participate at the wedding to wear cowboy-related clothes too.

Finally, the best idea in case of a cowboy wedding is to celebrate the wedding in an outdoor venue, near a farm or ranch, being surrounded only by nature and friends.


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