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If you wish to recreate the traditional country theme then you need to use country elements and incorporate them into your invites. First of all you need to start off with a certain style of paper that you like. You will also need to find some images and pictures that can be your inspiration for your country inspired invites. You could go for some horseshoe designs, some cowboy hats or some “wanted” poster images. To create an even funnier image put your own picture on the wanted poster. Choose some brown paper and some pastel tones. Go for some interesting drawing in the center of the invite or on the side.

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The drawing can be big or small however you please. The bigger the patter the more emphasis you will put on the invites. Don’t forget to choose a style for the invites, they can be round, oval or boxed. You could use some strings and ribbon to embellish the invites even more. Go online and browse some stationary sites to see what you like. You may also order some handmade invites, but they will cost more than the regular ones. If you wish you could talk to a specialist in this area and see what can be done with your invites. Add a personal note on them either on the wording part of in the image.

116882 country wedding invitations Country Wedding Invitations

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Use proper etiquette when addressing your guests. State the important data such as the location, date and time of your special event. Make sure to also include a reply card for the guests to answer to your wedding invite. The color of the invites should also be country inspired. So choose warm ones like brown shades, dark green and so on. Get your inspiration from scenery and other images related to this country concept. Choose the pattern for the invites would your husband and decide on the wording part. Find some interesting introductions or some short poems. These invites need to the starter point for your entire dream wedding.



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