Country Wedding Centerpieces

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Planning a country theme wedding and you don’t know where to start? Here are some suggestions which will give you some ideas on items and adornments you can use to recreate that country style. First of all you need to decide if you want a formal or a more casual wedding and start from there. Choosing the right colors also matter because it will give an extra brightness to the reception. The first suggestion would have to be flowers. Choose flowers such as daisies, wildflowers, chrysanthemums etc. Instead of your typical crystals vases you can use some buckets or some baskets.

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You could even use some medium sized jars which you can also fill up with some twigs and rocks. Another idea would be candles. You can’t have  a wedding and not have at least one candle on the table. You could use some small candles and place theme in some bowls filled with water. You could also add some flowers petals to complete the look. Fruits are also easy to arrange and you can make some interesting table centerpieces with them. Fill up some baskets with some colorful golden or red apples. You could also use some citruses and slice them up in some small jars.

108620 country wedding centerpieces Country Wedding Centerpieces

Country Wedding Centerpieces (Source:

These edible centerpieces could also be combined with some candle or some flowers. You could also incorporate the western theme in to your wedding. Add some small horseshoes and comical cowboy figurines to add that western touch to your décor. There are plenty ideas and items which can be used as decorations. You just have to open minded about any items and try to create the country look that you envisioned. These items are sold online at very good deals or there is always the alternative of creating something on your own. Go for the edible centerpieces and you will get to save money, time and you will also use your creative skills for a good purposes. Remember to use color accents and mix and match the items to have a complete country look.



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