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Ever since the ecology had became such an important filed in our lives, more and more couples are deciding to incorporate the saving the planet idea into their wedding. In fact, the nature has become a very fashionable theme for all over the world weddings.

That is why so many green brides dress up in green wedding dresses, wearing green wedding flowers and bouquets, eating green wedding cakes appeared during the last few years. The green theme is a very fashionable color theme even today. It’s not necessary to play on the eco side and plan an eco wedding just to bring a superb charming country wedding cake.

It’s enough to plan a nature outdoor wedding in a garden, on a beach, in a park, on a mountain, on an island, in a back yard, on a country side, on a coast or on an open field and bring a themed natural country wedding cake that can complement the venue and flatter the wedding guests.

Green is the color that symbolizes the nature, the growth, the youth, the prosperity, the fertility, the renaissance, the innovation, the simplicity, the health, the truth, the savage, the rawness, the wealth, the healing, the energy, the positivism, the happiness, the joy of living, the friendship, the new beginning, the warmth, the affection, the freshness, the hope and the inspiration.

Considering all these amazingly unique qualities, values and symbols, can you imagine how suitable could a green wedding cake be for a spring or summer wedding day? There are so many designs, styles, shapes and decorative patterns or routes to follow in creating a splendid green wedding cake!

In general, at least from what we’ve seen in most pictures of green wedding cakes, these unique creatures come most frequently in round, ice cube, cylindrical or oval shapes. A round green wedding cake is more delicate, light, feminine, dainty, stylish, creative and adorable than any other shape – square, hex, triangular or sheet. According to the ultimate trends in wedding cakes, cylindrical, tower or ice cube shapes are the ones in vogue this year. They can be beautified or ornate with lavish bandanas, ropes, ribbons, edible or real bows, flower blooms or fruits.

A green wedding cake looks gorgeous decorated with orchids, calla lilies, water lilies, peonies, roses, daises, tulips, daffodils, lavenders, cherry or orange blossoms. If you want something really refreshing, impressive and appetizing, opt for a round green wedding cake decorated with limes, mangos, black cherries, strawberries, pineapples, coconuts, bananas, pears, apples or mini pumpkins. For a retro theme, opt for a green wedding cake with gold, orange, ivory, blue, yellow, pink or red leafs, fondant flowers, bows, lemons, pearls, beads, precious gems, feathers, diamonds or crystals.11

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