Country Theme Wedding Centerpieces

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If you are having a country wedding you need to choose some interesting table centerpieces which will not only reflect the chosen theme but also your style. You need to begin by choosing what elements you want to use as your table centerpieces and start arrange them. Flowers are and will always be a good solution. Choose some colored flowers which will also emphasize the colors tones that you have chosen for your concept. You can use daisies, wildflowers and you can also incorporate some sticks and some branches to create that country look. Instead of crystals vases choose some interesting buckets or some colorful jars.

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This will surely emphasize your country wedding theme. Another suggestion would have to be candles which are very common and popular choices for wedding centerpieces. Add some interesting shaped candles in some floating bowls and add some flowers petals to seal the look. Put the candles in some interesting old lanterns and use some silk or natural flowers around the lanterns.

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This will create that romantic ambiance your wedding reception needs. Edible centerpieces will always be appreciated by guests. You could fill up some baskets with some fruits and vegetables and add in some leaves for that country glow. You can also place some lemon slices into some jars if you wish. You can use either real fruits or opt for some wax ones.

111229 country theme wedding centerpieces Country Theme Wedding Centerpieces

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They will be a lot cheaper and they can look just as nice. These arrangements are quite easy to make and they are pretty cheap. You can find the majority of the items listed in your own yard or you can buy them at local shops. The centerpieces sued for this kind of theme doesn’t have to be really expensive. The items need to be very inspiring and they need to create the impression of a true country wedding. You could also use a western country theme and in this case your centerpieces would have to be inspired by western elements such as cowboy hats, ropes, horseshoes and so on. You can get inspired from various tutorials and pictures online which will help you recreate a very successful country wedding theme.



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