Cotton Candy Wedding Favors

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Try and be as open minded as you can when it comes to giving your guests wedding favors. Look around and see what items are eye-catching for you. Before you think of getting them for the guests juts analyze your options and talk them over with your future husband. Together you should make this decision and see what you both like. If you both love candy and you want to offer the guests some tasty, affordable yet very creative then try some cotton candy.

Most couples hand out M&M or even chocolate bars. But you can be very creative and come up with a new approach. The cotton candy can come in whatever colors you want. It can be blue, pink, red, yellow and so on. These colors come with different flavors as well. The yellow cotton candy can be banana flavored while the red one can be strawberry or raspberry. You could also think of a unique way to wrap it. It can come on sticks and you can add some cellophane over it or simply tie a colored bow at the end of the sticks but you can also give it to the guests in a container.

143212 cotton candy wedding favors 2 Cotton Candy Wedding Favors

Cotton Candy Wedding Favors (Source:

Its shape might not be as attractive but the taste will blow their minds. Select the tastiest flavors and if you come across a unique store that combines these flavors all together then give it a try. Always taste your favors before giving  them to the guests it doesn’t matter if they are caramelized apples, gum balls or cotton candy. Use your imagination to wrap these favors the best way you can.

143212 cotton candy wedding favors Cotton Candy Wedding Favors

Cotton Candy Wedding Favors (Source:

The prices for such tasty favors is not at all expensive and you will be satisfied to know that the guests will eat the favors on their way home instead of throwing it somewhere in a drawer. So before you rule our any ideas check out some candy stores and see what draws your attention. Look at the prices as well and think of the fact that when choosing to give the guests some edible favors the important thing beside the overall look is the taste.



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