Cosmina Englizian Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | April 14 2011 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

We are so happy and excited to be able to show you such impressively gorgeous and outstanding haute couture wedding gowns designed by a Romanian couturier – Cosmina Englizian that we think many of you will find absolutely enchanting and highly inspiring.


We believe that this designer’s dresses look like real pieces of art, although from what we can tell from the designs, lines and cuts, they also promise to be wearable and comfortable. And what more can a bride wish for her wedding day than an extravagant fashionable wedding dress that can s till feel comfy and easy going?

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We are very curious to find out what you honestly think of these superb Cosmina Englizian wedding dresses we’re presenting here since this is the first time that we bring these impeccable models created by a Romanian designer.

We are tempted to say that these pieces have the same rich, elaborate, cheerful and royal aura of those splendid Ukrainian models we’ve posted in one of our previous article. We are looking forward to hear your opinions, thoughts, impressions and suggestions regarding these magical dress masterpieces so that we can see whether we should bring more of this designer’s creations on our website in the near future.

This stunning and one of a kind bridal collection is called “White Dream” and it was created especially for the modern brides who are planning a fashionable and perhaps grandiose wedding this year. But the timeless designs and the romantic silhouettes – especially the sumptuous ball gown ones are here to tell us that any bride – from the near future can wear one of these exceptional Cosmina Englizian wedding dresses on her wedding day.

We would recommend these models especially to mature or older brides who always wanted to look like a queen on the big day or for those who still want the ample fairy-tale wedding, but in a more modern and elevated way.

We must admit that both the sheath and the ball gown silhouettes look very sophisticated, extravagant, glamorous and dazzling, and this is especially because they are so richly detailed and embroidered with all kinds of crystals, pearls and beadings.

The passion for originality, exquisiteness, refinement and artistry that this designer has in creating her phenomenal wedding dresses transpires through each line and detail. We love the creative butterfly sleeves and backs, the flounced necklines, the tiered backs and the queen chic headpieces thought for some of these enchanting Cosmina Englizian wedding dresses.11


  1. jess

    April 16, 2011 at 6:39 am

    I like the wide palette of lines used by this designer. Every dress here is unique, special, feminine. Every dress fits one type of bride and so it covers all types of brides that can get married, not only the modern or the romantic. I really like the more form fitted dresses from here, it’s a matter of personality here. i like comfort and i believe form fitted dresses are very comfortable. My favorite dress from here is the last one, with the square neck line and the slight wavy sash on the back. It really adds charm and personality to this simple dress. I would love to wear this dress.


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