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Corey Feldman is an American actor, who was born in 16 July 1971. Corey began his career at the age of three, when he could be seen in a McDonald’s commercial. He has almost 36 years of acting, with more than 80 films he played on. The first roles he ever got were in television series such as, “Mork & Mindy”, “Alice” and “Eight is Enough”, where he had just guest rolls. The actually first regular role he played was in “The Bad News Bears.”
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Corey Feldman could also be seen on the set of “Time After Time”, released in 1979,  “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter” in1984, “Gremlins” in 1984,  “Friday the 13th: A New Beginning” in 1985, “The Goonies” in  1985,  “Stand by Me” in 1986, “A Dangerous Place” in 1995, “Normality” in 1995, “She’s Too Tall” in 1998, “Born Bad” in 1999,  “The Million Dollar Kid” in 2000, “Terror Inside” in 2007, “Cluster” in 2008, “Lost Boys: The Tribe” in 2008,  “Hooking Up” in 2009 and his last project that will be released this year, “Lost Boys: The Thirst”.

Regarding his personal life, like many other famous people, Corey was not married only once and forever. He first married Vanessa Marcil, the actress for “One hot summer”. Corey Feldman wedding to Vanessa took place in Las Vegas, but they never moved together. However, the marriage ended with a divorce in 1993.

Almost ten years after his divorce, Corey met Susie Sprague in a nightclub in January 2002, while he was filming “The Surreal Life”.  They felt in love so, they got married on 30 October 2002, actually on the final episode of the first season of The Surreal Life. Corey Feldman wedding ceremony was co-officiated by a rabbi and by MC Hammer, year ordained ministry. Hammer band members, Vince Neil and Motley Crue, both fellow cast members of Surreal Life, were the ones that performed at the reception. So the wedding was not a big, showy one. They invited cast members, actors and friends, so we can say that it was a private event. Susie gave birth to their child, a boy named Zen Scott Feldman, on 7 August 2004 in Los Angeles.

However, in October 2009, the couple separated after seven years of being married, because some irreconcilable differences. The same month Susie asked for divorce and for the full custody of Zen Scott. Corey did not agree with seeing his son only by regular visits given by a court of law, so he tried to block his ex-wife request.

Unfortunately, for Corey, Susie was not the one he could spend all his life either. Although the real facts of their split are not known, Corey and Susie are not separated, both fighting for their son custody.11

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  1. Riwa

    May 10, 2011 at 5:45 pm

    It’s such a bad thing when children are in the middle. I think they should come to an agreement about this just because of the son. I know it’s hard for both of them to share the time they want to spend with their son. but that kid must have a very difficult time like this. I.m not saying they should reconcile if they can’t live together anymore, but they should think about their child. now i’m thinking this post is a little old, and i’m so taken in by a story which might have ended already, but i just couldn’t help myself saying this. I strongly believe what I’m saying here.


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