Coral Wedding Cakes

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Any sandy exotic beach wedding is a perfect occasion and context for you to come up with a fresh, themed coral wedding cake and complement the oceanic atmosphere. There is no better location for you to spend a unique, adventurous, delightful and memorable wedding day than in a tropical, sunny seaside context.

Whether you choose a Palm Beach wedding destination, a Hawaiian, a Caribbean or a Florida destination for your wedding, the atmosphere will be extremely romantic, casual and elegant, perfect for the most important moments of your life. Choosing a beach wedding cake might not be such as stressful and troubling process because there are lots of amazing and original designs, shapes, sizes, colors, flavors, patterns, decorative elements and thematic toppers that can make your wedding desert look absolutely magnificent and appetizing.

More and more brides and grooms are choosing a coral wedding cake for their beach destination wedding because this theme is creative, enchanting, charming, stylish and extremely feminine. Coral motifs are pretty hot and trendy this year. Contemporary couples are happy to find so many original, dainty and delicious designs and colors for coral wedding cakes.

Depending on the style and colors scheme of the wedding, one can choose from the various designs that can better suit the general line of the wedding event. Brown or white chocolate coral wedding cakes are extremely fashionable and desired by many modern couples because they can bring a very sophisticated, delicious and appealing flair to the wedding.

Everyone loves chocolate so why not adorn it with superb and subtle coral motifs for a more glamorous, distinctive and exquisite appearance. Orange and purple, lilac and white, fuchsia and brown white and brown, blue and white, navy and pink, yellow and purple, green and yellow, cream, white and brown or brown and purple are only a few interesting, original and desired color schemes for coral wedding cakes.

The coral shade is a very discrete, fresh, sophisticated, inviting and hot color for today’s wedding cake fashion because it is situated between the deep orange and the lovely delicate pink. A coral wedding cake will always represent a perfect choice for beach or hot summer weddings. But any winter wedding day or theme makes a nice context for a coral wedding cake.

Use coral flowers such as roses, lilies, gerbera daises or orchids mixed up with different exotic colored flowers in yellow for a very unique, cheerful and bright wedding, in burgundy for a more exquisite, sophisticated and royal wedding, in ivory for a simple, elegant, casual, stylish and delicate wedding. A coral wedding cake can give your wedding atmosphere a very lovely and original touch of antiqueness and softness if you use a more pale coral shade or a touch of extravagance, glamour and glitter if you try a more bold and vivid coral hue.11

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