Coral pink wedding flowers

Wedding Decorations | July 05 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

When planning the flowers for the wedding brides must carefully coordinate the colors with the general theme and colors scheme of the wedding affair.
It’s very important to match the colors of the flowers with the table centerpieces, with the décor arrangements, with the wedding dress, with the bridesmaid’s dresses and with the wedding cake. In order to obtain that unified and elegant look that we’re all on to you must select the colors with maximum care, because in our modern days the color is more significant than the types of flowers itself! One of the most fashionable and in trend color for wedding flowers that many brides seem to care for is the coral color.

The coral color is situated somewhere between hot pink and red-orange. Due to this unique shade, more and more brides are using a coral theme for the wedding décor, wedding cake and wedding flowers. In case you are already convinced that this color is what you really need to use in your wedding in order to make the wedding atmosphere more energizing, cheerful, sensual, attractive, electrifying and original, you may also be interested in finding out what types of coral pink wedding flowers are there available for you in fresh shape.

Here are a few examples of unique coral pink wedding flowers that you can choose for yourself: coral hibiscus wedding flowers, coral hydrangea wedding flowers, coral gerbera wedding flowers, coral peony wedding flowers, coral rose wedding flowers, coral carnation wedding flowers, coral oriental poppy wedding flowers, coral star gazer lily wedding flowers, coral plumeria or frangipani wedding flowers, coral geranium wedding flowers or coral anemone wedding flowers.

Besides all these marvelous and enchanting types of coral pink wedding flowers, one can also find all types of natural flowers in all types of pink shades: freesias, tulips, cherry blossoms, gardenias, delphiniums, ranunuclus, sweet peas, orchids, cosmos, cornflowers, lilies of the valley, hyacinths, gladiolas, oriental lilies, camellias, zinnias, amaryllis, asters, larkspurs, lisianthus or stocks.

You can pick any of these colors and flowers to compose a splendid coral pink wedding flower bouquet. You should know that coral is a color that works superbly well with shades of teal, plum, navy blue, turquoise, red, chocolate brown, black, white, cream or lime green.

Therefore you can take advantage of this fact and plan a two-toned wedding, or perhaps a three toned wedding. In case you are heading towards a tropical wedding, you can opt for an exotic coral plumeria wedding flower bouquet or perhaps for a coral hibiscus wedding flower bouquet or a coral star gazer wedding flower bouquet.

Keep the arrangement and the shape of the bouquet simple, casual, unsophisticated and refined, without too many ribbons, bows and greeneries. Hand tied wedding bouquets or pomander bouquets remain the most attractive styles for this year.11