Contemporary Wedding Cakes

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If you want to order a contemporary wedding cake, you should consider the latest trends in wedding cakes and discover some unusual wedding cake designs that have become pretty popular in the last years. To help you with that I listed below a few 2012 wedding cake trends as well as a few cake designs that are perfect for a contemporary wedding.

Contemporary Wedding Cakes

Contemporary Wedding Cakes (Photo by: Chris Waits)

When it comes to trends, you should first of all keep in mind that wedding cakes have started to become taller and taller. In addition, couples are often saying no to the traditional red velvet cake in favor of more exotic flavors such as orange chocolate and pomegranate. That’s why most bakers have had to deal with orders that involve fruit filling and moist cake or banana cake. You should also know that the trends have changed even when it comes to the source of inspiration used for the cake. In 2011 people used as inspiration mostly the bride’s dress. This year wedding invitations have become more important, so couples have started to order designs inspired by the invitation’s paper or its heavily decorated borders.


I must also mention that white cakes that ensure elegant simplicity are nowadays extremely popular, especially when they are enriched by a few touches of color. Also popular has become the combination between white and black. In the same time the decorations chosen have come to impress with a royal air because most couples choose to use as inspiration the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. On the other hand, green weddings have become as important as sophisticated weddings so more and more couples have become interested in ordering nature-inspired cakes that benefit from beautiful floral accents.

Now that you know a thing or two about the most important 2012 trends related to wedding cakes, let’s take a look at the contemporary cake designs that you should definitely consider. I first of all feel the need to mention the simple wedding cakes embellished by stenciled monograms. Such cakes are contemporary and simple and can be based on any type of cake. However, most suitable is dense cake that should be glazed with chocolate and then decorated with the couple’s initials by using a stencil and some cocoa powder.

Contemporary Wedding Cakes

Contemporary Wedding Cakes (Photo by: Claire S.)

As contemporary-looking are the so-called frozen-treat wedding cakes that are based on delicious sorbets. What you will have to do is freeze the sorbet in elegant shapes and then on the wedding day combine colors and shapes in order to obtain an unconventional and delicious wedding cake. You should also consider ordering a white wedding cake covered in fondant and decorated with delicate and good-looking black lace licorice. The result will be a simple and elegant contemporary wedding cake. The same kind of look can be obtained by using piped buttercream in order to decorate a multi-tier white wedding cake with overlapping fan shapes created with a petal tip. A similar floral style can be achieved by creating the cake from chocolate petals. To add a touch of color you should also add a few edible pansies. The only downside is that this cake is pretty delicate.


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