Colorful wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses | July 12 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Now that one can choose a more vibrant and eye-catchy color for the wedding dress the palette of colorful wedding dress styles available on the market is wider.

One must not compromise her personal style by choosing a plain white wedding gown that will only make her look simply conventional and common. The main purpose of the color is to make the bride more visible, distinguished and outstanding from the big crowd of contemporary brides. The choices in colorful wedding dresses start with pastel skin tone shades that can be incorporated in white wedding dresses or used in the whole surface of the dress.

Among the most popular types of natural colorful wedding dresses that one can find out there are: cream wedding dresses, champagne wedding dresses, turquoise wedding dresses, beige wedding dresses, pale pink wedding dresses, ruby rose wedding dresses, baby pink wedding dresses, blush wedding dresses, baby blue wedding dresses, buttercup yellow wedding dresses, lavender wedding dresses, seashell white wedding dresses, ecru wedding dresses, eggplant wedding dresses, tomato red wedding dresses, teal wedding dresses, silver wedding dresses, pearl gray wedding dresses, bronze wedding dresses, platinum wedding dresses, lime green wedding dresses or vintage mate orange wedding dresses.

These colorful wedding dresses are meant to make the bride look more natural, delicate, warm, inviting, sensual, dainty, chic, stylish, pure, innocent, breezy and graceful. There is nothing more seductive, refined and memorable or romantic than a pastel colored wedding dress with an off the shoulders neckline and a flowing ethereal long skirt.

On the other hand, those who are looking for a more attractive, remarkable, provocative and bold appearance can opt for a dynamic colorful wedding dress. The colors used in these types of dresses are more energizing, unconventional, unique and eye-catchy than those skin toned.

Among the most fashionable, hot and trendy types of vividly colored wedding dresses that you can get inspired or choose from are: purple wedding dresses, aqua blue wedding dresses, navy blue wedding dresses, violet wedding dresses, plum wedding dresses, emerald green wedding dresses,  forest green wedding dresses, olive green wedding dresses, bright orange wedding dresses, red scarlet wedding dresses, magenta wedding dresses, fuchsia wedding dresses, light yellow wedding dresses, hot pink wedding dresses, burgundy wedding dresses, chocolate brown wedding dresses or black wedding dresses.

The color you decide to choose for the dress must be closely related to the theme, the color scheme, the location, season and formality of the wedding. In general, colorful wedding dresses are rather suitable for casual or informal wedding affairs than for formal and sober conventional events. Each one of us has her own favorite color and now it’s time to wear it on the most important day of our lives without worrying that the color might be a too out of place for a wedding.11

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  1. Zelene Wings

    January 19, 2011 at 9:16 am

    My family is very keen on traditions and I had a lot of trouble convincing them that not wearing a white wedding dress is not that much of a problem. But I had to promise I wouldn’t wear a very bright color. Now that I read your article and saw some of the dresses on your site that have colors, I decided to wear a champagne colored dress. I think that’s the closest color to the traditional white, I guess. And they agreed on that. I wonder whether this dress you presented here, the light purple one, could be found in champagne too. Or whether it is too expensive to have it custom made. I like it a lot. I also like your article, so thanks.


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