Clips To Hold Wedding Rings Together

28 April 2010 | Wedding Party 1 Comment

<p>Wedding and engagement are two of the most important moments in a woman’s life and the moments at which  women dream since they were little and played with dolls, since they were teenagers and they were first in love, and they wrote their name near the name of the boy they liked, and the dream carried on till they are adults and they fall in love and they really find the right guy for them and they think at marriage in a more serious way than just the name of the man, the rings and all the ceremonies, parties that the two moments involve in their meaning .
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These two moments have a very strong meaning for the ladies and the two moments although they are important for both a man and a woman who form a couple they still have more meaning and significance for women because they are the center of  both moments, the engagement and the wedding one . Women also wait with very much enthusiasm the moment when they are proposed by the man they are in love with and when they are offered the engagement ring they are extremely happy . Also the ceremony which is held with the occasion of the wedding is around the bride with her long white wedding dress and the moment when the vowels of the man and the women, in which they promise to love each other, to respect, to spend their life time together and face all the problems and happiness together as well as the giving of the wedding dress, all blessed by the priest are important .

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<p>The placement of the rings is also very strong connected with  feelings and with the importance of the moment. The tradition of the placement of the wedding bands but also of the engagement rings is a very old habit and it has been invented many centuries ago by the ancient Greeks . Because marriage and engagement are about the love of two people who decide to love each other for the rest of their lives, they also have thought that the wedding rings and the engagement rings should be placed on the fourth finger of the left hand because here there is found a vein of blood which is directly connected to the heart and in this way the rings will have the right signification for them . So women wear both of the rings on the same finger and because of that there started to be the need for some <strong>clips to hold the wedding rings together </strong>.
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There are such clips and they can be made of 10 k or 14 k gold, silver or platinum depending on the material of the wedding rings and the clips had some grooves in top and in the bottom for the lower part of the ring band and the top one was held to the bottom with fine screws . So the <strong>clips </strong>used<strong> to hold wedding rings together</strong> can be found and bought along with the wedding rings and in this way the women will have  both of the  rings together .11


Jenny got married. And she loved the experience of organizing it so much that she started to write about it.

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    Where can I find clips to hold the two rings of a wedding set together?


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