Circle Of Love Wedding Invitations

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Weddings are all about romance and love. There is a special feeling floating in the air that day. Maybe it’s due to so much love and emotions. Your invites should also reflect this love and romance theme. Order invites that you think are suited for such a theme. What better images to represent love than some heart pictures? The hearts can be red representing love and passion or they can be very colorful. The invites don’t need to be formal, they could have comical notes and drawings. The wording can also be a casual one. Find romantic poems or some love sayings which you can use for the invites, hire a specialist for the wording part and choose the script styles that you like best. They need to be understood by the guests.

117131 circle of love wedding invitations 2 Circle Of Love Wedding Invitations

Circle Of Love Wedding Invitations (Source:

Include precise decorations to the restaurant or location of the wedding. Choose some extra adornments to make the invites look classier. A simple red bow will do the trick. The invites can also have glitter on them and various interesting drawings that represent hearts. Browse through some samples online and se if you like any of them. If you do then order them if not then make your own invites at home. It should be quite easy if you have a computer and a bit of imagination.

117131 circle of love wedding invitations Circle Of Love Wedding Invitations

Circle Of Love Wedding Invitations (Source:

You simply have to find heart pictures that you like and pint them onto your preferred cardstock. The cardstock can be black, white or any other color that suits your wedding theme. Get inspired from the wording and then print the invites. Send them out and wait for the guests to give their reply.


They need to know the date, time and location of the reception so they can find their way to the party. Include a reply card which will help them accept or decline your wedding invite. Remember the wedding invitations need to be chosen with your future husband. You both need to opt for something that represent you as a couple.



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