Cinderella Wedding Favors

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Wedding favors inspired from fairytales are a great way to delight your invitees. You are practically retelling a well-known folklore but which has different protagonists: you and your husband. And what could be a more appropriate fairytale than Cinderella. It has it all: the girl who had her world turned upside down by a handsome prince, magical elements that contributed to her fulfilling her love story and the prince searching the whole country for a fair lady with whom to spend the rest of his life.

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And your own story follows the same outline. You have found a wonderful man and he has found you, and you will unity your destinies and continue the journey called life together. This being said, how can you not choose Cinderella wedding favors to give to your guests? There are many items which you can use for the favors, depending on what part of the fairytale are you trying to highlight. The glass slipper is probably the most important element in the story because it is the thing that brought the two characters together. So you can have a glass slipper decoration beautifully wrapped in a transparent box or a candle shaped as the famous slipper.

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Another crucial element in the development of the story’s plot is the carriage that takes Cinderella to the ball. So you can have carriage-shaped frames or you can buy pumpkin carriage candle favors which are a reminder of the time before Cinderella had met the prince. Other options for your Cinderella wedding favors are candies wrapped in carriage-shaped boxes, candles shaped as Cinderella’s ball gown or as the castle in which the ball took place and mini statues representing the couple dancing.

106701 cinderella wedding favors Cinderella Wedding Favors

Cinderella Wedding Favors (Source:

A unique way to highlight the connection between the reality and fantasy is to have personalized wedding favors representing the book itself in which the first lines of the fairytale are inscribed: ‘Once upon a time…’. You can go even further with this idea and go to the very end of the story where you write both of your names and the famous expression ‘And they lived happily ever after.’               



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