Cinderella Wedding Cakes

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Young brides and those who feel very attractive to the fairy-tale wonderland and the magic of Disney stories and characters, a Cinderella wedding might just seem perfect and enchanting. What bride doesn’t dream of a charming wedding theme, a charming dress and perhaps a charming Cinderella wedding cake?

A fairy-tale wedding theme requires a special wedding cake to fit the general atmosphere around the wedding day. Choosing a creative thematic wedding desert means going back to the royalty era of princes, kings and palaces. Imagine how magnificent deserts you can create based on this theme to amaze your guests! There are many wedding cake designers that you can find to create you an extravagant superb Cinderella wedding cake, just to fit your dreams and expectations.

Cinderella wedding cakes are extremely elegant, grandiose, fascinating and splendid. Choosing a cake with this theme will only surprise your guests and gain their applauses and eternal congratulations. Usually, fair brides choose to decorate the cake with a Prince and Princes topper, similar to the traditional bride and groom figurines. But lots of modern couples go for something more dramatic, impressive and breath-taking, such as medieval castles, star wars, enchanting gardens, popular princess gowns, tiaras, shoes or any other Disney landscape. There are lots of classic Cinderella characters and pictures for you to choose from, but make sure that the wedding is properly decorated to match such a grandiose wedding dessert. You can’t bring a Cinderella wedding cake to a non-thematic wedding day. If you are pleased and in love with the idea of choosing a Cinderella wedding cake you have to prepare the rest of the wedding according to this, around the wedding cake’s thematic.

The ambiance has to suit the bridal Cinderella look and the wedding cake. A Cinderella wedding cake needs a proper arrival at the wedding reception party, for example in a beautiful carriage with horses and any other fairy-tale items that can improve the appearance of the cake. To accomplish this you can search the net or in Yellow Pages, because there are a few companies that provide specific services like this. The bridal wedding dress needs to look identical to a Cinderella stature, for example the bride can choose a large ball gown, a diamond fancy tiara and lots of specific jewels to create a fantastic appearance.

A Cinderella wedding theme requires specific food and desert. The Cinderella wedding cake looks amazing if you choose to combine a traditional theme with a special magical topper. For an elegant wedding cake choose a fairy-tale caste, made out from crystals, or you can pick a fancy Cinderella carriage, a ball castle with steps all the way up tot the top of the cake, or a heart-shaped fairy-tale Cinderella wedding cake.11

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