Church Wedding Decoration Ideas

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One of the biggest highlights of a wedding is the entrance of the bride in the church and the subsequent marriage. Here, after the official service, you can achieve the most important memories. Festive and stylish wedding decorations should therefore not be overlooked. A few magical ideas will offer you the perfect opportunity. The entrance into the church is a very special moment. Stylish and elegant church wedding decoration ideas make the ceremonial part of the wedding even more special and personal. Flowers, colors, even the wedding theme can be incorporated so you create a thread and a wonderful picture.

 Church Wedding Decoration Ideas (Source:

Church Wedding Decoration Ideas (Source:

Flower choice. For the decoration of the church you can turn to wedding flowers. If you prefer a classical variant, it is recommended to choose white lilies, white roses and delicate orchids. To round out the special ambiance of the church, you should decorate the church pews, the altar and the pulpit. Depending on the agreement with the priest, of course, other places will be considered. Because it is a sacred ceremony, you should not use sophisticated or trendy arrangements, but on the contrary, it is indicated to resort to simple, but symbolical plants. For example, the bamboo and decorative clover are more than ideal.

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Pews. It is suitable to attach flower decorations and arrangements to pews. Vases filled with different floral arrangements are enjoying more popularity. Individual flowers, which are arranged individually or small vases also make a nice flower arrangement for a great atmosphere. Usually recommended for the pews are flower varieties with very large flowers. Since these are usually mounted individually, small flower decoration could lose their charm. This rule applies: the bigger and higher the dimensionality, the larger and more expansive floral arrangements for the pews will look like. However, you can not limit yourself only to flowers, but use fabrics, drapes, bows or any other material you want.

 Church Wedding Decoration Ideas (Source:

Church Wedding Decoration Ideas (Source:

Altar. The altar is not only a very decorative element but also has a symbolic meaning. It is understood as God’s place on earth and a symbol of good wishes. In earlier times, the church-goers even brought flowers to pay homage to God. For the altar we recommend large wreaths or large vases with elegant floral arrangements. Even the initials of the couple can be used as a wonderful decorative element. The church wedding decoration ideas can create the preview of your reception, so it is advisable to be consistent wit the main theme.

Entrance. As a decorative element, a floral wreath can be charming. Therefore, the wedding flowers must be chosen to ensure a uniform overall appearance. Large floral arrangements, flowers and bows for the banister will also provide little highlights.


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