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Christmas is the holiday that is celebrated in the colors of green, white and red. These are the most specific colors that accompany the choices of Christmas cards, Christmas gifts wrapping paper, the lights and the globes to be the ones to decorate the Christmas trees, all in one you can say that this holiday is the celebration of these three colors. Planning to have your wedding in this specific holiday you have to wrap everything in the colors of Christmas, therefore the choice of your wedding gown could also go one or two or even three of these colors for the dress’s fabric.
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The wedding invitations have been already created with the use of silver powder spread on top of the Christmas green trees that have as decorative elements passionate red shape of two hearts (that include your names) and the image of your white gold wedding rings lying underneath the two hearts. Thinking of the aspect of your wedding invitations you begin the big chase in regard to the choice of the wedding dress. You are still not sure for which colors to go and while browsing the online bridal fashion for the Christmas themed weddings you see the red choice of color to belong to the winter wedding dresses but most of them are created in the summer style meaning, the strapless bodices, or spaghetti straps corsets, but none of them being designed as winter outfit.

The Christmas wedding gowns, considering that they are meant to be worn in the season of winter, especially in your state where winters fully display their shower of snow and snowflakes have to be designed with long sleeves, be they bell shaped, or arm fitted or ¾ of an arm length. But nothing of the sort. Still you keep browsing and in the end when you are almost exhausted with the research, you bump into a red wedding gown having some accents of green color in the shape of green silk embroidery spread around the neckline representing tiny Christmas trees and silver ribbons to pin the ruffles of the bell shaped skirt.

This Christmas wedding gown in its displaying confers the image of a princess that has just arrived to meet the prince of her dreams and you can easily picture yourself stepping inside the church with all those candles burning around and the guests looking surprised at your appearance ready to take out short acclaims of admiration and your prince waiting for you by the altar hoping his princess will not change her mind. The wedding gown in its design and coloring does look like a stunning appearance and deciding to have this on the day that celebrates the most important event of your life you reach for the supplier and order one for your body sizes.

Wearing a red wedding dress, other than the traditional white is a sign that your wedding will be carried in the note that feasts both your wedding event and the birth of baby Jesus, in this way connecting spiritually the two events that are both seen as births and changes of lives: the birth of you as a married woman and the changing of life to a new one meant to be lived in a total dedication to the feeling of love and sharing.11

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