Christmas Cupcake Wedding Cakes

Food & Drinks | May 26 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

There are hundred ways of decorating a winter wedding cake using as a central inspired theme the Christmas holydays. It’s not necessary for your wedding to be held exactly on a Christmas day just to have a stunning Christmas decorated wedding cake.

If you’re wedding is planed during the winter season, you can always choose to have a wedding cake that reflects the festive holyday spirit and mood. A great alternative to the traditional multi-layered wedding cake is the cupcake wedding cake. This gorgeous variant is perfect for any type of wedding, especially if the event is to be rather more fun, entertaining and cheerful than sober, formal and elaborated. Therefore, in case your big wedding day is going to take place in December or January, opt for a Christmas cupcake wedding cake.

The Christmas holyday is as special as a wedding day is for a couple. That is why you must let yourself inspired by the playful, vibrant and enthusiast Christmas atmosphere when planning the wedding cake, just to make sure that everything is in perfect harmony with everything.

If you decide to go with a Christmas cupcake wedding cake then the numberless possibilities in decorating the cupcakes will definitely be enough for you to choose the right one. Depending on the character, style and location of the wedding, the happy couple can choose to decorate a Christmas cupcake wedding cake with snowflakes, mini snowmen cheerful faces, reindeer figurines, gloves, blush cheeks, red hearts, shiny stars, winter boots, Christmas tree branches, etc.

If the bride and the groom are forming one of those humorist couples, then they should pick something more amusing, cheerful and unique. For a more brilliant, shiny and extravagant stylish look, one can choose to decorate the Christmas cupcakes with pearls and beadings, faux or real diamonds or crystals, rhinestones or gems, sequins, swags or any other jewelry or accessory that can match the wedding’s theme.

If you want to obtain a more impressive, showy and incredibly elegant, glamorous and fashionable wedding cake, choose a Tiffany blue jewelry box shaped Christmas cupcake wedding cake. Have the cupcakes decorated with bright jewel accents for a more sparkling and fanciful effect.

Among other colors that work perfectly well with a Christmas theme wedding cake are light blue, violet, baby pink, blush or pale pink, olive or forest green, butter yellow, eggplant or bright yellow, burgundy, deep red or tomato red, plum, bronze, pearl gray, gold, silver, chocolate brown, ivory, beige, cream, ecru, maroon, black or burnt orange.

You can choose from various shapes such as oval, square, heart, hexagonal or triangular and create the cupcakes. Have a single tiered Christmas wedding cake in the same colors, flavors and shapes as the cupcakes and place it over the cupcake stand for a more impressive, grandiose and unified look.11