Christian Wedding Songs For Video

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Those interested to see what are the best Christian wedding songs to be played as soundtracks for a wedding video can enter these sites and discover them:,,, and The songs found here can be played at the wedding too.

Basically, the songs these sites talk about are these ones: “The Day Before You” by Matthew West, “For You” by Michael W Smith, “First Love Song” by Across the Sky, “Not Living In The In Between” by Bebo Norman, “You’ve Got Me” by Steven Curtis Chapman, “Ave Maria” by Franz Schubert, “Bind Us Together” by Bob Gilman, “Love Divine, All Love Excelling” by Charles Wesley and John Zundel.

122341 christian wedding songs for video 2 Christian Wedding Songs For Video

Christian Wedding Songs For Video (Source:

It is also mentioned that if you want to play one of these Christian songs, you have to pay for them. I mean you will not address a band to play this song; if you don't have the money to invite the artist that sings the song, you should listen to the song using your computer. And to be capable of running that song, you must buy it. Of course, if we are talking about artists that have died, it is natural that you don't have any other option than to play their music from CDs or DVDs.

122341 christian wedding songs for video Christian Wedding Songs For Video

Christian Wedding Songs For Video (Source:

Because weddings are full of love, the music played at the wedding should reflect this too. You can find all sorts of charts on the sites that I have named and also on others. What is important is to play only the songs that characterize you and your partner. If for example “Ave Maria” is not for you, you should avoid playing this song, even though it is a beautiful one and everyone tells you this. If you don't like it, you must not play it. After all, it is your wedding, not theirs. You have to rely more on your feelings and thoughts than on others’.

Many restaurants include a repertoire already, but if you're not satisfied with it, you can always discuss with the manager of that venue and change it according to your desires. Christians say that a good thing to do on your wedding is to listen to music from your own country. This means that if you are an European, you must not listen to American songs, if you take into consideration this belief. What do you think, is it good? Like I have said earlier, if you try to satisfy all, you will remain unhappy, so play the music you want and if they want to enjoy it, they will. So choose the music that seems suitable for such an event and make sure you like it.



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