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A wedding ceremony, especially the Christian one, is most of the times performed in the displaying of many symbols; starting with the white of the dress that the bride is wearing and continuing with the presence of flowers, the wedding rings, the Unity Candle, all these elements represent something for the wedding couple and their act of marriage. This is why, when the time has come for you to think of the symbols inserted in the aspect of the Christian wedding invitations, you go for the ones that mean something to you and to your faith.
You know some of these symbols from the books your parents have read to you while being a child and they have all the time tried to keep you on the right, immaculate path of faith, to instill inside your heart the teachings about love, about purity of soul and mind, about concepts that you, back then, had no idea what they mean, only the stories that you were told had some beautiful endings, their teaching becoming clearer later in the Sundays when you attended the Christian religious service in your neighborhood church.

Now, as a grown up, in the day that you have set your mind on creating the wedding invitations for your upcoming celebration, all the memories of these Christian symbols come back to you and one by one you review them and try to figure out what will be the loveliest and most representative for your Christian wedding invitations. Your parents are around you to give a helping hand and maybe some suggestions as well; opening the site with these symbols you find out that Unicorn stands for chastity and that of Christ Himself.

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The turtledove represents the symbol of faithfulness for life, therefore stands for Christian fidelity and because your act of marriage is based mostly on love and faith, both carried toward God and your beloved one, you think of either find the invitation having this symbol or to try creating your own wedding card. Searching through the web pages of wedding stationeries, and looking mostly for the ones to include Christian invitations for weddings, you reach for various designs and styles, some of them having the symbol of turtledove as well.

Choosing one, you look for your parents’ and fiancé’s agreement and being given the possibility for you to insert your own wording as well as verses that could belong to the Bible’s quotes, you start browsing for the right one. The wording has to go in the same line with the graphical symbol of faithfulness, therefore you need to find verses to describe this belief that governs your mind and soul regarding the marital act and the married life that follows.

One quote to belong to Helen Keller seems to you the most relevant one; it says about faith being the strength that due to its existence can bring someone’s mind and soul into the kingdom of light, hence of wisdom. Totally agreeing with this one, you decide to have it inserted on the first page of your wedding card where two turtledoves carry in their beaks the wedding rings that are joined together on the third page of the two folded card next to the details of your Christian wedding celebration. The Christian Wedding planner you chose for your wedding will offer you for sure some christian wedding invitations.


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