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Christian wedding is generally related to the ceremony that takes place in a religious place, since the Christians regard marriage as an act to be performed in front of a religious face that through his faithful attitude brings tribute to God or the religious divinity that is above us, the mortals. Marriage is honored throughout the Bible and among people to follow its percepts and has a meaning that transcends the social area of interest. Even if today marriage is seen as having social status from the civil laws’ point of view, Christian couples still prefer to have the religious service performed for their wedding, as they need to have the God’s blessing before they step into the new life of a married couple.

The love of a couple may have an immediate effect on the material life, but the love of God is the one to guard them spiritually throughout all their life together. Deciding to have a religious service for your wedding celebration, where to take your vows in front of the highest authority, then you need to let your invitees know about your commitment both in front of God and in front of your guests that will be there to witness your devotion to God and to each other.

christian-wedding-invitations-wordingIn this respect, Christian wedding invitations wording is the proper way to announce your Christian event. The choices to select a proper card on which to have your invitation wording are plenty. The types of cards are displayed in a multitude of designs having religious symbols to complement the overall note of your message. For the wording however there are no Christian patterns you have to restrict your wording to, in this way there is plenty of room for you to unfold your imagination and creativity.

The purpose of your wedding should be that you as a couple will make a solemn and eternal promise before God and before the guests that you humbly ask to honor your wedding ceremony with their presence. You can choose in this regard for a sparkle of inspiration verses from Scripture that overflows with words and advice about love, love that is seen as divine, brotherly and romantic as well.

In the Corinthians 13:1-8a and 13 contains a passage that talks about love, how everything you own in life means nothing if you do not have love, even if you are graced with wisdom doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t have love, even if you are gifted with generosity means nothing if you don’t have love. And the passage ends with describing love as being patient, kind and as the feeling that finds delight in truth offering protection and hope and trust.

If you want to consider this passage as Christian wedding invitation wording it can be a good choice since it talks about the essence of love, about the essence that lays in the loving and holy act of matrimony, but still it is up to you to decide what is the best and most relevant wording for your Christian wedding, since each couple has their own way of expressing the love that governs their soul.11

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