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Wedding Dresses | January 28 2011 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

For all Christian Dior bridal style fans we tough to present here a few of the most impressive and spectacular samples of wedding dresses created by this genius designer for his newest 2011 spring bridal collection, hopefully these pieces you get to examine closely will match your tastes or at least inspire you for designing or choosing your own fabulous dress for the wedding.


We must mention though that these creations here can aonly fit and flatter the off the beat contemporary brides who are only interested in wearing something purely sophisticated and unconventional at the wedding. There is no doubt that these Christian Dior wedding dresses here are quite whimsical, unusual and not so very popular for “standard” regular weddings. Perhaps these pieces here can only suit the bride with high expectations and weird preferences when it comes to dresses. And we say this because this spring season bridal collection consists in lots of funky, wild and extravagant highly colored gowns which resemble the old glamour and chicness of the bygone ball gown era.

However, despite the fact that these creations here are hard to be interpreted or assumed as dresses for a wedding, we must not ignore the exquisite temperamental and imposing beauty that transpires throughout these amazingly appealing and interesting dresses. If we are to recommend these gowns to a certain category of women, we would mention those who are planning a gorgeous and glamorous funky ball gown themed wedding somewhere in a big cathedral or castle, or those who are planning a very edgy look for an original and 100% personalized wedding.

We are very curious deep in our hearts and minds to find out what your own opinions and thoughts are on these magical dresses we’re proposing you here! We are looking forward to hear your suggestions on these remarkable pieces in order to see how you would plan on wearing one of these dresses and especially where would you put on one of these spectacular designs. We can separate our confusion regarding the fact that these Christian Dior dresses here are not quite appropriate for a wedding of the fact that we do adore the dramatically shaped ball gown silhouettes, teh chic gloves, the tea length skirts, the multi layers, the puffy fabrics and the pastel wild and totally whimsical colors used for creating and beautifying these dresses here.

Christian Dior is surely a master and a genius when it comes to creating extravagant, pompous and yet very voguish and exquisitely refined gowns for celebrities and for women from all corners of the globe. We must admit that we are not that surprised to see that he actually released this precious one of a kind collection now!

We love the neutral and soft palette of colors, where the light blue, the buttercup yellow, the sandy beige, the sparkling brown and the cherry pink nuances are meant to create such stunning tulle overlays and candy like textures. Browse for more Christian Dior wedding dresses on this couturier’s official website and see other impressive and artistic designs.

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  1. Karola

    January 29, 2011 at 7:10 am

    I’m not the unconventional type of bride but I always inspired myself from Dior’s designs. They are always so fresh and elegant, no matter the type of woman he wants to attract. His public will always be sophisticated, feminine and elegant. And since I can only dream of wearing some of his creations, I cannot stop copying some of his ideas. I mean, I would take a model that I like, have a detail from there and ask a tailor to make a similar design. As for the wedding gown, I would like something white, but in the line of the yellow dress from here. I know that the color is the important thing here, but I would have it underneath, a light ivory shade… nevertheless, if the colors would not make the right effect, I would like to have the modeled pleats on my gown.


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