Chocolate Diamond Wedding Rings

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Diamond rings that once were thought to be ostentatious are becoming more and more popular as a lot of couples chose to buy them as engagement or wedding rings.  Nowadays couples look for distinctive wedding bands rather than golden or dull silver rings. While the engagement ring symbolizes the first step taken by the couple, the marriage rings represent the tight relationship. Everybody knows that diamonds are girls best friends, don’t you? Well right now there are some types of diamonds that are quite popular and they are chocolate diamonds. Chocolate diamond wedding rings are getting popularity and there are a lot of couples who wish for such rings.

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Everybody loves chocolate and everybody loves diamonds, so it shouldn’t be curious that such a combination is so much wanted. Many wedding rings contains contain gem stones. These gemstones aren’t always diamonds. If we compare wedding rings and engagements rings, we will see that the gemstones that you find in wedding rings are very much smaller than the ones you find in engagement rings. Engagement rings need to be observed and admired, while wedding rings need to be worn, until death will tear you apart. I know it sounds like a fairy tale, but it’s true.  The most popular gemstones that you can find in wedding rings are: rubies, sapphires, aquamarines etc. But if you have any favorite, there’s no problem. It’s very easy to have it on your wedding ring. A lot of couples chose stones that represent themselves, the date of the engagement, the month of the marriage, etc. As marriage rings, chocolate diamonds are one popular choice for the couples who want gem stones incorporated in their wedding rings. Chocolate diamond wedding rings are rare and unique through their shines and color.


When a lot of people think about a chocolate diamond they picture it standing on an engagement ring, but this is not a rule. It’s true that diamonds work very well as engagement rings, but if chocolate diamond wedding rings can look amazing if the stones are a little bit smaller. I mean you need a ring that you will wear every day not one that stays on your finger just until the big day. I mean, officially. Usually for engagement wedding rings it’s used one big chocolate diamond that stands out on a golden or platinum band. In the case of wedding rings, the diamonds are smaller and usually they are incorporated into the wedding rings.


You should know that there are many styles of chocolate diamond wedding rings. The most popular one is the bridal set; this includes the engagement rings and the two wedding rings in a form-fitting and in the same style and design. Some other style includes a channel setting that’s filled with little chocolate diamonds and that can fit any engagement ring. Some other chocolate diamond wedding rings are simple bands scattered with diamonds all over. Pave settings are popular as well, especially for diamond rings as the entire surface of the rings is paved with diamonds. This one is purely amazing. Simple style, use just one stone, but these types of chocolate diamond wedding rings look beautiful as well.

Many soon-to-be brides wish for a chocolate diamond wedding ring that will match their engagement ring; in this way they will have an amazing ring set. While many store offer a variety of such sets, you should know that customized engagement rings will be very difficult to match with anything else than gold. If you really want a chocolate diamond wedding ring, be sure it has what it takes to match any engagement wedding rings you have. These should incude:

  • Similar stone with the engagement wedding ring. So if you have a chocolate diamond engagement wedding ring you will need to buy a chocolate diamond wedding ring as well.
  • Safe stones arrangements are very important, you don’t want a ring that scratches or damages any rings or makes your life harder.
  • You need to be sure you’ve picked identical metals, including the value. A smart eye will see the differences so be sure it won’t be any.
  • Be sure the two rings have similar setting, if the chocolate diamond wedding ring has a channel setting be sure your engagement ring will have something similar but of course a bigger rock.
  • Same design accents are important too. You don’t want different design, in this way it won’t look as a set anymore.

Now that you know how things work, let’s talk about something really important: the chocolate diamond wedding rings‘ cost. They are more expensive than plain gold bands but you should know that the cost vary, it depends on haw many rocks you have on the rings and their value. The quality and karat weight count very much. For a more affordable price, there are many couples who use cubic zarconia, but you should know that in the case of chocolate diamond wedding rings, cubic zarconia won’t work that well. It works for non-colored diamonds but not very well for chocolate diamonds.  Another option that works better for chocolate diamonds wedding rings is synthetic diamond. Synthetic diamonds look almost like a true one. Just specialists will realize the difference. Also you can chose lower quality gems, even though you should keep in mind that the quality of the diamond from the wedding engagement ring should be the same as the one from the wedding ring itself. The most inexpensive diamond wedding rings are the ones form bridal sets. They cannot be worn without their counterpart so this is why they have to go together. The complementary piece is important in case of bridal sets, so if you wear them, wear them together.


As more couples want to be unique and individual, chocolate diamond wedding rings become more popular. While you don’t have so many designs as you do for engagement wedding rings, there are still options that can work for you.  Chocolate diamond wedding rings are truly spectacular and you should surely go for such rings!



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    December 22, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    I have been looking for the heart shaped chocolate diamond ring, used to carry it, but I cannot find one for sale anymore, do you have any idea where I can get one?


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