Chinese Wedding Flowers

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How many of you have ever though of planning a magnificent, authentic and charming Chinese themed wedding? This theme is great for any type of wedding, as long as the specific decorative elements are incorporated carefully into the wedding.

Brides can wear a beautiful red, gold or, orange, pink or burgundy Chinese wedding dress and complement it with a splendid enchanting Chinese wedding bouquet composed of Chinese wedding flowers. If you’re interested in this one-of-a-kind theme and you’re wondering what types of flowers you can use to compose your bridal bouquet and the rest of the centerpieces or décor arrangements, we can offer you a few suggestions.

If we are to follow the meanings and symbols of Chinese wedding flowers, then we could say that in Chinese culture, the wedding flowers are used to symbolize and underline not only the beauty, naturalness and elegance of a bride but the happiness, joy of living, fertility, prosperity, innocence, integrity, style and charm of the wedding day.

A Chinese bride should wear the flowers as a mark of natural beauty and as a mark of power or a sign of protection against evil spirits. To infuse this wonderful oriental spirit into your wedding you could use lotus, roses, ponies, narcissus, orchid or different blossoms. If you want to create a truly romantic, inspiring, feminine, delicate and sensual Asian wedding atmosphere you can choose lotus. This unique type of Chinese wedding flower is usually incorporated into Chinese weddings because of the powerful virtue and spiritual meanings and because of the incredibly attractive scent, beauty, softness and loveliness.

You can use this particular type of Chinese wedding flower to adorn a wedding bouquet or to create intimate and romantic table centerpieces by placing the lotus in glass bowls on floating water. Another type of flower that you can choose for a superb Chinese themed wedding is the refined and soft peony.

In Chinese cultures, peonies are regarded as the flowers of honor, richness and renewed life. Use red or pink peonies to symbolize good fortune, femininity, sensuality, warmth and affection. Use red roses or cherry blossoms to enrich the romantic atmosphere of a fabulous Chinese wedding. Remember that red is the most important and popular color in Chinese culture and it stands for joy, happiness, strength, beauty, love and power.

You can also use peach blossoms for a truly delicate, sleek, graceful and harmonic wedding day. Peach blossoms are renowned as Chinese symbols for protection against evil spirits. Use narcissus that in Chinese culture stand for new beginnings and the end of a cycle or orchids to symbolize eternal love, fertility and everlasting beauty. You can use red and white orchids in floating glass bowls or lanterns as table centerpiece arrangements.11

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