Chinese wedding flower centerpieces

Wedding Decorations | October 19 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

Planning a themed wedding can be a very difficult and stressful task to do for many modern brides who don’t have the necessary time or resources to spend looking for the best flower and color arrangements. But that’s why we are here for, right? It doesn’t really matter whether you are from China, Japan or Miami. If you want to have a Chinese themed wedding then you should learn more about this eccentric fabulous culture in order to make the flower-color arrangements look more authentic, phenomenal, original and artistic.

This theme can definitely inspire even the most exigent or hard to impress wedding guest and that is why we are as excited and thrilled as you are when thinking on how lovely, charming and remarkable your Chinese wedding flower centerpieces are going to look.

The main color that pops out into our minds when we think of the Chinese culture is red. It seems that the red nuance is a sacral symbol that Chinese people have for spirituality, innocence, purity, love, fire, power, wealth, strength, royalty and prosperity. But besides this focal color, Chinese people also believe in black, white, blue-green and yellow colors. Each of these nuances is viewed as a sacral color that is able to stand for a different element that rules their cultural and artistic world. For example, black stands for water, red is for fire, blue-green is for wood, white is for metal and yellow for the earth.

As you can see, these standard colors are considered more than simple nuances that have the role of coloring an object, but are invested with a higher signification or symbol. You are the one who is to decide whether to go with a black themed Chinese wedding, or with a blue-green colored wedding.

But before you decide upon the best color for the Chinese wedding flower centerpieces perhaps you should examine more pictures and galleries that feature Chinese or Japanese wedding flower arrangements and only afterwards to make the final decision.

There are many color combinations that you can make in order to obtain a beautiful Chinese thematic wedding, and the most popular ones are: red and white, black and red, green and red, yellow, green and red, yellow and pink, black and yellow, green and yellow, blue and yellow, etc. Make sure that whatever you choose matches the season, the location and the formality of the wedding. If your wedding is going to take place in a lovely brilliant day of winter perhaps you should go with a white and red color palette. If the wedding is to be held during the summer season, why not give it a try with a yellow and green color scheme? The possibilities are numberless and the final choice is only one!11