Chiarade Spring Wedding Dresses

19 April 2011 | Wedding Dresses 1 Comment

Are you ready for another round of sensationally beautiful wedding dresses created by the wonderful and ingenious Chiarade for their ultimate 2011 bridal collection? If not, then perhaps it’s time to get ready because these gowns will simply blow your mind and leave you breathless!


Their exquisite beauty and refinement is 100% unique and ravishing, and we are so happy to be able to present you such highly inspiring designs here on our website. We have many other articles written on Chiarade wedding dresses on or website that you can browse for in case you are curious to see more precious and bold designs created by this talented designer.

30000 wedding dresses 300x199 Chiarade Spring Wedding Dresses

This couturier is definitely one of your favorite couturiers who create exceptional and unusual dresses for the modern brides of today who want to wear something extremely bold, provocative, one of a kind and unusual. Well, we can’t totally affirm that these gorgeous Chiarade spring wedding dresses are 100% unusual. But we can easily attest that they do look pretty whimsy and unconventional, but in a chic, appealing and romantic way.

30000 wedding dresses 2 200x300 Chiarade Spring Wedding Dresses

In our previous articles written on this subject you can see lots of impressive and spectacular gowns created in all kinds of blue nuances that look absolutely divine and incredibly elegant. You can choose from various types of navy blue, sapphire blue, pale blue or teal blue nuances and designs.

30000 wedding dresses 3 200x300 Chiarade Spring Wedding Dresses

We also have a few articles where we feature the most attractive, sensual and beautiful models that were created by this designer in a pure white nuance.

30000 wedding dresses 4 200x300 Chiarade Spring Wedding Dresses

All this designer’s creations scream perfection, fashion and ultra elegance, and besides the originality and uniqueness of the style, we must also recognize that the silhouettes are very bold, dynamic, daring and feminine.

30000 wedding dresses 5 300x199 Chiarade Spring Wedding Dresses

They also look very high class, refined, prestigious and qualitative. And this is especially due to the soft, expensive and luxurious fabrics chosen by this couturier for this entire collection.

30000 wedding dresses 6 203x300 Chiarade Spring Wedding Dresses

We love this collection that was designed especially for the spring season, although we would also recommend it to brides who are planning a summer wedding.

30000 wedding dresses 7 200x300 Chiarade Spring Wedding Dresses

These explosive red Chiarade spring wedding dresses that we’re showing you here look fantastically eye-catchy, one of a kind and highly original.

30000 wedding dresses 8 200x300 Chiarade Spring Wedding Dresses

The red palette used for these gowns contain sensual and mysterious shades of burgundy, bright red and plum. And this is why these gowns really look so appealing, romantic, whimsical and “dangerous”, but in the good way.11


Jenny got married. And she loved the experience of organizing it so much that she started to write about it.

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  1. Edine

    April 19, 2011 at 4:01 pm

    I agree with you that these dresses are dangerous. They are made for very bold women and very sensual ones. I don’t think they are fit for brides either for the ceremony or for the reception. Too red for my taste. Maybe if I were a guest I would choose one to wear. Though I think these dresses could be worn at different other parties and for other occasions where red would be a very good color to wear and women would love to have all eyes on them. I can’t see a bride wearing such a dress, really. I still think this is not a color to be worn by a bride at her wedding. Maybe only if they were Asian and they would be very bold, giving the sensuality of these dresses.


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