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Cherry blossom wedding bouquets

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Are you preparing for a June wedding or for a summer time wedding and you haven’t found the perfect wedding flowers that can compose your bridal bouquet? Let us give you a few unique suggestions in case you’re not planning on carrying a non-attractive and completely non-original wedding bouquet.

If you are determined to go more unique, unconventional, unusual and modernly romantic, we recommend you to go with a cherry blossom wedding bouquet. This type of bouquet is not actually composed of flowers but more of cherry blossom branches that can provide you with a very feminine, delicate, soft, dainty and fresh look.

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Brides who decide to go with a cherry blossom beautiful wedding bouquet on a summer time wedding must surely feel pretty special, precious and one of a kind. Why sacrifice your creativity, your different sense of aesthetics and romance by going with a usual roses wedding bouquet when there are so many other special alternatives that can help you make a statement and mostly help you show yourself as you really are: a creative person who knows exactly how to highlight her vision and imagination skills.

There is no need to form the whole wedding bouquet of cherry blossoms in case you’re not sure whether it’s going to look beautiful and appropriate for a wedding.

You can only use the cheery branches to enrich or beautify a summer time wedding flowers bouquet and make it appear more whimsically attractive, gorgeous, spectacular, chic and stylish. You can tale a look at a few pictures with cherry blossom beautiful wedding bouquets or table arrangements and convince yourself of the magnificence and charm of this type “flower”. In general, cherry blossoms have been initially used in adorning the wedding cake planned for a summer outdoor wedding spent in a garden, on an open field, in a park, on a mountain, on a beach or in a country side rural location.

If you’re a fan of the Japanese or of the Chinese culture, then you would surely love to see your wedding all decorated with cheery blossom branches. In the Japanese culture the cherry blossom flower is meant to symbolize innocence, purity, femininity, natural beauty, grace, affection and young love.

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You can plan the whole wedding using a cherry blossom theme or a Japanese pink and brown theme and then introduce a cherry blossom summer time wedding bouquet easier. The pink color can be matched with white, chocolate brown, purple, violet, green, blue, beige, scarlet red or yellow. You can mix cherry blossom branches with roses, peonies, ranunculus, gerbera daises, gladiolas, orchids, sweet peas, tulips, anemones, amaryllis, calla lilies, freesias, stephanotis, gardenias, or with irises and obtain a marvelous wedding bouquet perfect for a summer time unique wedding event.11

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