Cheap Wedding Cakes

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Cheap wedding cakes

The story of your wedding day — how it all begins and how it ends, what you felt and how it felt, it is pretty exciting to bring into discussion such a delicate and complex event. Leaving aside the so-called drama of the wedding planning, one thing is clear: weddings should be planned with calm, attention and patience. In order to obtain the best results you have to gather information and to make some phone calls. The good news is that the market has already thought of what you may need. In consequence, shop windows are decorated and vendors are waiting to welcome each client with interesting ideas.

Since each detail counts in this story, let’s take a look at the sweets department and see what can be done about the wedding cake. For many, the item doesn’t actually raise any difficulties. For others, perhaps not that many, the wedding cake is that special touch that your menu needs. It is entirely up to you how you manage this issue. The ideal situation would be to find a solution that is tasty and looks amazing and that doesn’t cost you that much. After all, the budget has some limits that you cannot and you should not pass. Again, other good news: cheap doesn’t translate into poor quality. There are plenty of vendors that are ready to offer you a solution that perfectly fits your budget.

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Where to find ideas?

Ideas, sometimes ideas are hard to catch. Ideas are even harder to find when you want the best, when you are emotional and so on and so forth. Inspiration – also hard to find! It is the internet that will save you, at the end of the day. Start with a data base, with photos and with lists. Once you have the big picture framed, the details can easily be seen. Take a look at Wedding the Knot. The site has plenty of ideas for you to consider. This extended photo gallery hides a long list of vendors. Each photo has a direct link to the person responsible of its creation. So, all you have to do is follow the trace.

Any wedding cake from this display looks amazing. If you want to be vintage, then the cake Cute as a Button is the right choice. Classic Elegance is for those who prefer something more subtle while a Cascade of Tulips goes very well for a beach wedding. From the floral category, we can also mention Graphic Flower Cake, Something Blue, Wildflower Cascade or Clean and Classic. Geometrical shapes seem to be in fashion nowadays. Mod Treat or Simply Sweet combine delicate tastes with soft nuances. There are also extravagant ideas, so to say. For example, you could choose to decorate your wedding cake with pictures.

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Designers and their stories

If you take a look at any bakery’s profile you will see that there is a story behind each and every picture. These people work with passion and dedication. It is always a personal motivation behind their activity. In most cases, their results transmit this passion. At Delicious Dial a Cake the wedding cakes are delicious and the staff is modest. What you should know about the company? Well, you should know that the products are amazing, that there is a long list of possible combinations and that professionalism is one of the key words. The bakery can be contacted for price quotes and other sort of details at any moment. More than that, orders can be made via email after filling in the inquiry form available on the site. Pricing is an important section but first you have to browse View Cakes and Photos.

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The visual contact puts the basis of this relationship. Then, you choose from the multitude of options a model and establish the dimensions. Only after settling the prices and the details, you can ask for approximate cost estimation. The Testimonials section shine a light on how the bakery has collaborated with the diverse clients along their existence. Information – why not gather it when you have the possibility?

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1, 2, 3….

It is essential that you see as many displays as possible. You cannot and should not settle for only one offer. Carrie’s Cakes, for example could be the next stop from this sweet adventure of yours. This couture cake laboratory has displayed a breath-taking gallery of photos.

The search can be adjusted by number of slices, by name or by prices. Each picture has a name, the dimensions, the price but also the number of serves. Vivienne, Dakota, Tree of Life, Margarita Ivory, Bentley, Shannon are only some of the wedding cakes displayed on this site. Their online store allows you to customize the order and to establish exactly what you want to pay for. If you wish to learn more on the newest trends on the market, on what is modern and what is not in terms of wedding tips and ideas, then you should make a stop on their blog as well. It is useless to say that the last click has to access the testimonials. These are reviews from simple clients; clients who have been so pleased with the final result that they wanted to recommend it to the others. Nice gesture.


The main point of this entire search is to make sure that you order the best wedding cake. The menu deserves to have a strong point and this could be the strongest point on the menu. Communication is also crucial. The designer should take into consideration your ideas and your suggestions. How else to make it a personal story?

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Weddings can be complicated, planning can be complicated and so can the details involved in this process. What is important is to like the final plan, to approve it and then to enjoy it with your family and friends. It sounds very well, doesn’t it?



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