Cheap Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

Wedding Tips & Ideas | June 19 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

You decided to get married and you are thinking about your budget and the costs of such an event? Well, weddings can cost a lot of money if you want to have a perfect ceremony and of course, a reception with many guests and wedding favors.
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The wedding can be quite expensive, and the price will not be very much different form one city to another, well at least except Las Vegas. In Las Vegas you will also pay a lot on a big, glamorous wedding, but if you want a simple event, in this city you can get married quite easily and with less money.

Cheap Las Vegas wedding chapels or packages can be easily found in this place. In fact, every chapel has a simple package that just includes the main services needed for the ceremony to take place. And here you must know that all you need is a Minister to perform the ceremony, some background music and the chapel as the wedding ceremony location. Of course, you may desire to get also some pictures of the main moments of the wedding ceremony.

Some packages include about eight photos and you will also get a wedding video of the ceremony. If these services are not included in the main package you can ask for them and if you do so, you will probably pay more money as the final cost of the wedding package.

However, here are some cheap Las Vegas wedding chapels and their packages. You should check them out and probably you will find something fitted to your budget and the sum of money you are willing to pay for the event, but also to your preferences.

At Chapel of the Bells Las Vegas you can get married with only 135 dollars. But you must know that when choosing the package, you have to be sure that the number of guests included is adapted to the one you want to have invited. This first package is perfect if you want a simple ceremony with just you and your partner. Anyway, packages at very accessible prices can be found here with photographer services and transportation included.

At Graceland Wedding Chapel you can get married with the sum of 200 dollars and get an Elvis themed event. In the price you will have included the main services needed for the ceremony and you will also receive a copy of Elvis and Priscilla wedding certificate.

Anyway, weddings in Las Vegas are cheaper than in many other locations all over the world, and this is probably one of the reasons why so many couples decide to come here to get married. The wedding can be cheap, beautiful and easy to plan exactly the way you want it to be. What more can you ask for?11

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  1. BAbe

    March 12, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    Quite affordable and that’s a good thing. If you get to customize the packages a little bit, that’s even better. If the number of guests allowed or included in the package is the same as you planned, that’s just great. But I do wonder I these cheap chapels look good and are of at least medium standards. Because the chapel of the Bells I see here in this picture is not at all what I would have expected. Normally I wouldn’t choose such a chapel. But maybe I should go there first, isn’t it? And this step would be a decisive step in choosing anything in Vegas. Go there and see for yourself to be able to make the right choices.


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